So there’s a lot of excitement + nervousness going on around here today!  I’m excited because I am headed to Palm Springs this morning for an all girls blogger / designer retreat at the Ace Hotel!  I’ve never done anything like this before and I am thrilled to meet some new friends and learn from other girls that have the same “job” (ish) that I do!  I think it will be super inspiring and refreshing for me to get away and bond with like-minded, creative girls! I really can’t wait.  But i’m also a bit nervous because this will mark my first trip ever away from Rylee.  She’ll be in great hands with her daddy, and I know she’ll be just fine….but it’s more ME that i’m worried about! ha!  Maybe this time away will be totally rejuvenating and just what I need….but it kills me to leave this sweet face!  I think a skype date might be a necessity for this empty-armed momma! (…hear that Sam?)

Regardless, Palm Springs has always been one of my favorite places to escape…and paired with some inspiring ladies, I think it will be a pretty epic time.  You can follow along on my trip on instagram if you want.  I’ll be sure to take a lot of pics and maybe even some video.  Speaking of video, did you ever see this one that we made on our last trip to Palm Springs in February!?  Maybe i’ll try to do another one of these this time (although, don’t hold me to it!)  I’ve gotten quite good at breaking promises lately.  Photos however, are a cross my heart promise!

Happy weekend everyone!




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  1. teddi

    whoooo hooo have a grand time kelli! yesterday i was going through my old images on my computer. apparently i had your art with the girl and the bird, from years ago. this was before i even knew you. i deleted it. i don’t want you to think i stole it, at least not on purpose. i probably got it off we heart it or something. i’m just saying i was a fan of your art before i even knew the artist behind it. :) gosh i hope this comment doesn’t upset you, if so i’m sorry.

  2. TJ

    Oh gosh, these pictures are absolutely stunning! Have so much fun in Palm Springs! I’ve never been but now I definitely want to go!!
    xo TJ

  3. Liz Davis

    Kelli, I just watched your Palm Springs video and it is the sweetest thing ever! I’ve just added Palm Springs to my fantasy road trip thanks to you – although it would be a looong road trip from way out here in Philadelphia ;) Love your blog, thanks for sharing!



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