I am so inconsistent lately.  My “Currently’s” usually fall on a friday but we’re mixing it up over here! Unintentionally.

Can you believe it’s OCTOBER!!?  What happened to September? I think we may have skipped that month.  But i’m ok with time traveling at lightening speed, for now at least, because that means we are inching closer to Fall here in San Diego.  Technically, it already is Fall….but when it’s still too hot for boots….we are not allowed to call it “Fall” yet.  That’s my rule.

– I’ve been doing a lot of birthday invitations lately.  Kind of totally loving it.  Still dreaming about starting up an invitation line sometime in the new year.  That will forever be on my “to-do” list in the back of my mind until I actually accomplish it.  Better get moving.

– I love it that there are pumpkins everywhere we go.  Who need’s a pumpkin patch when they have one at the entrance of nearly every grocery store?

– SUCCULENTS!  Need I say more?  My favorite plant ever, mostly because it’s the only kind I can keep alive.  Working on some arrangements for my office.

– One of my all time favorite “moments” happened on Saturday.  Rylee feel asleep on my shoulder! I know it probably sounds really silly, but if you know Rylee at all, you know she is the farthest thing from a cuddler. I used to try to “teach” her to snuggle, thinking she’d catch on one day.  But, well, it’s just not Rylee.  And I’ve surrendered to the fact that she just doesn’t crave all the hugs and kisses that I do.  But then God gives me this moment….and I savored every second.  I love this little girl more than life itself.

These guys will most likely be responsible for at least one cavity this fall.

– Boots!  I’ve already purchased two new pairs this season…these and these….and I am counting down the days until I can wear them without my feet sweating.  Gah! I’m ready for you chill.

Also, not sure if any of you watch Oprah’s Next Chapter….but I’m obsessed.  Hopefully, some of you got a chance to watch Sunday’s episode with Jason Russell from Invisible Children.  While his story is heart breaking, it’s inspiring to see him come back from such a devastating event and continue on with the mission in which he has committed so much of his life.  Talk about courage.  IC’s new movie, MOVE, just released on Sunday.  Watch it here.


  1. brandi

    kelli! i will email pics from the beach when i get off wor tonight! i am so happy i got to meet you two:)
    wish i lived in encinitas!

  2. Liz

    I love that you were able to capture Rylee’s snuggle moment in a photo to help you remember it forever :) And YES to succulents. They’re also my favorite plant and I can’t wait to add more to my collection!

  3. Jennifer

    I love Oprah’s Next Chapter. I thought I was the only one who watched that show. I did record Sunday’s episode and am looking forward to watching it.

    I too love that fall is slowly creeping it’s way in. Looking forward to wearing boots.



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