I’ve never been too much of a modern girl when it comes to home decor.  But lately, I’ve been loving all of the stark white rooms I’ve been seeing, with touches of modern decor mixed with vintage.  Just check out AMM if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  I am still slowly working on adding pieces to my office, and next on the list is a desk chair.  This is where I feel like my style totally leans to modern.  I’m on the hunt for the perfect one to match the style of my office (going for something like this or this).  These are a few I had my eye on.

1.  Modernica Prince Charles Side Shell Chair – This one might be my favorite.  Modern meets classic.  Just my style….but it comes with a price tag!  2.  Marais Arm Chair / Wood Seat – Maybe more practical for dining, but I think this chair would look pretty great in an all white workroom  3.  Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair by Herman Miller – Who doesn’t love an Eames chair?  I love this Aqua color.  I did some further hunting and found a handful of replica Eames chairs for cheaper:  here / here / here + a kids size!  But who knows the quality  4.  School Chair by STYLEGARAGE  5.  Eames Molded Plastic Arm Chair with Wood Dowel Base / replica  6.  Original Cherner Side Chair or the replica

What would you choose!?


  1. crissy

    number five. i adore black and wood elements. especially paired with a lovely white desk. perfection. plus, i think having the higher sides is a bit more cozy.

  2. Natasha

    Ohhhh! I love number 6! Also loving the legs on number 1. If they had a wheelie version of number 3 it would match perfectly with the table my sewing machine is built into (it has been a nightmare to match).

  3. crissy

    Hey Kelli, not sure if you’re still on the hunt for a Modernica chair, but they are on sale through Gilt today. It saves a bit! Check it out. :)



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