These are just a few photos from our family Christmas, which we actually celebrated on Christmas Eve this year.  With all my sisters now married, the holidays get a little tricky with trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules so that we can all be together.  Now we’ve got 3 other family’s to contend with! (which is totally a blessing mind you) But I do love it when it works out that we can all celebrate Christmas together at my parent house.  My little sister just welcomed her third baby boy, Cole, to the world 7 days ago….on my BIRTHDAY!  Pretty cool to share my day with him.  Holding his tiny body, it’s hard to remember Rylee ever being that small….but once upon a time, she was.  Now she is this spunky little person with a mind of her own.  Where does the time go!

We were also really glad to share this Christmas with my Grandma…it being her first Christmas without my Grandpa.  There were some tears shed and memories shared as we remembered how much he loved Christmas time.  It was his favorite.  And when we hear all the Christmas carols, we can hear his voice.  I’m thankful that new life can bring so much happiness where it’s needed.  Rylee’s energy and laughter brought my Grandma such joy….and man, was she at the top of her game! Ha! I only wish I would have captured some of it on video. I really need to get better about taking video! It’ll be at the top of my list of 2013 resolutions.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas…link to your Christmas posts if you want too!  I’d love to check them out.  xo.

Oh…and Sam got me a hot air balloon ride….dream come true.


  1. Natasha

    Looks like a beautiful Christmas Kelli! And how lucky you get to share your birthday with your nephew! I often wonder if I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about getting to see everyone at Christmas time. With my family and my partner’s family continents apart, it’s either one or the other for us.

    Lucky you for the hot air balloon ride! I’m sure it’ll be magical… and very thoughtful of Sam xxx

  2. Rachael

    it sounds like you guys had an amazing christmas! i have the same deal with my sisters being all broken up, but this year we were all together on christmas day at my sisters house because bless her heart, she had EVERYONE over. merry christmas kelli!

  3. Jess

    These pics are seriously the cutest! Wow, congrats to your sis for baby #3! When are u having baby #2? :) enjoy your hot air balloon ride! Sam sounds like the sweetest hubby, you’re lucky.

  4. Skye

    Would u consider having rylee as a model? I work for a magazine an would love for her to do a shoot

  5. teddi

    how special that your nephew was born on your birthday. wonderful photos of your family. looks like you had an excellent time. how precious to spend the time with your grandma. i miss mine so. i hope you share photos of that balloon ride! ;)


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