As I was looking back through all my photos over the last year, I thought i’d do a re-cap of 2012 in outfits.  This year my lookbook has been a little more quiet than years past….but so goes life with a baby!  At least i’ve managed to document this much.  I’ve got so many goals for 2013, both big and small, and I can’t wait dive into some of those that have been on the forefront of my mind.  So much to look forward to! Cheers to 2013 and hopefully lots more outfits to come, haha.  Thanks for following along.



  1. Candice

    My favorite is the top right outfit with the yellow leggings. I love that you and rylee have matching headbands! I also love love the black and white striped dress and pink socks!!

  2. Natasha

    This just reminds me of what an awesome wardrobe you have! That and of how envious I am that you have managed to keep your blog up-to-date AND look so amazing all the same time!

    I’ve finally started to get my act together and hope to launch my new blog as of tomorrow. Fingers crossed! All the best for the New Year Kelli! xxx

  3. Kristian

    As someone who just stumbled onto your blog, I am loving this retrospective as a chance to get a good feel for your style. All of these are just adorable!

  4. Ashley/Glitter & Pixels

    Love your style! You always look so put together! & your daughter is of course one of your best accessories :) she is adorable

  5. Sarah Grant

    Kelli, gosh, you have such great style!! I love all of these outfits!! I’m always referring to your photos for ideas! Can I ask who makes your red skinnies? I was looking through your fashion category and I can’t find that particular blog post. Thanks!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be putting together this year. xo

    • kelli

      Thanks Sarah! You’re so sweet! The pants are kind of more coral-y in real life (the photo makes them look a bit more red than they really are) I actually just found them at a small local boutique….but they are by BlankNYC.


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