2013.  Really!?  I’m not sure I believe that you are here already.

This year has passed like the blink of an eye.  My concept of time doesn’t look a thing like it used to.  2012 has proven that much.  I used to complain about not having enough of it, but OH…how little I knew.   Becoming a mother has challenged me in so many ways and has taught me so much about myself…my strengths, and my weaknesses.  It’s helped me to grow in areas I didn’t even know needed improvement.  It’s helped me evaluate my priorities and let go of things that I once held too closely.  It’s strengthened my relationship with my husband and it’s taught me patience (well, I don’t have that one quite down yet, but I promise, i’m getting better!)  Motherhood has come complete with it’s many challenges and frustrations, but simultaneously, it’s joys and fulfillment.  And to think, this is just year one in my journey!  More than anything, it’s filled my heart with a new kind of love.  A sacrificial, protective, all-consuming kind of love. One that I could never fully explain but that I am sure every mother knows.  Rylee is my world.  Almost every hour of every day I am with her.  I’ve watched her grow from this tiny little baby who relied on me for everything….into this independent, joyful, charismatic little person.  Sam and I are always asking each other “how’d we get so lucky”?  And we really mean it.

2012….you’ve been an emotional roller coaster! But a year i’ll never forget.  You’ll forever be marked as my transition in mom-hood.  Sometimes I feel like it should have been easier.  Like I shouldn’t have struggled so hard with balance and time management.  Like it was somehow wrong of me to struggle when I had this beautiful healthy baby.  Some mom’s made it look so natural, but for me, it was a process. But it was MY process, and I did it.   At the end of this year, there were a lot of goals that I left unfinished and things I wished I’d been able to accomplish before 2013.  But when I look at this perfect little person standing in front of me, this little peanut who calls me mama, that tiny little hand that’s always reaching up to grab mine…..I feel pretty darn proud of what I’ve done this year.  And I can’t wait for the next.

Thanks for following along with us in our journey.  Love you all!  Happy New Year.


  1. Mafalda M

    Happy new year! I wish you and your family all the luck! Thank you for sharing moments of your 2012 with us. much love, Mafalda. x

  2. Christine (Verve Evolving)

    Thank you for your inspiration in my first year in the blogging world Kelli! I’ve discovered an online sisterhood as well as a chance to explore my own feelings, talents, dreams, etc.!!! Continue to follow your bliss beautiful mama. A blissed out 2013 to all !!! xoxo

  3. Katie

    I love everything you and your daughter wear all the time! You’re definitely my mommy-style inspiration :) Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Diana Duran

    Beautiful words, but dont forget you inspire people with your posts as well, have a happy new year :)

  5. Josie

    Interesting what you say about motherhood being a process for you, for me too. I always think even the ones who look like it comes naturally must struggle with some of it. It’s SUCH a huge thing after all. Happy New Year!

  6. TJ

    It’s true, this year went by SO quickly! But I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store for all of us. And of course you both look absolutely adorable!!! :)
    xo TJ

  7. David Mami

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