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Photos by Erica Schneider
Wearing: Sweater c/o Free People / Leggings – Afends / Boots – ASOS / HatUrban Outfitters / Sunglasses c/o 80’s Purple

We are finally home from our trip and settling back into life as we know it.  Minnesota was amazing and luckily had plenty of snow for us to frolic in.  There was a storm that dumped 15 inches two days before we arrived, so even though it wasn’t as cold as it usually is this time of year….it really felt like a true midwest winter. I’ll share a lot more, complete with pics, in the next few days….but TODAY, it’s my birthday.  Woo wee, 28! You’ve arrived.  And I’m not so sure how I feel about you.  I think i’ll forever be 23 in my mind.  But when I sit and think about all that has happened in my life since that magical age….I realize that 28 is about right where I should be.  Marriage, a baby, a job change… life does not look even remotely close to what it used to look like.  I’m thankful for where I’ve ended up, I just never thought it would all come so quickly.  Sometimes I catch myself doing little things like cutting off the crust of Rylee’s sandwich or getting over anxious about a rash on her leg….and I think, when did I turn into my mother!? The older I get, the more I appreciate her and all the sacrifices she has made for me.  I think becoming a mother myself has a lot to do with my growing appreciation….but now, more than ever, I understand the depths of her love.  I hear it all the time from older people who say “enjoy this time, because it will be gone before you know it”.  And I think this has been the first year that I actually believe it.  Sometimes I fast forward to 10 years from now and imagine my kids in high school and it freaks me out!  Because at my current pace of life, it really doesn’t seem all that far off.

I guess the point is to enjoy the present. And i’m learning what that means daily.  To soak up the little moments that make everyday special.  Because “before I know it”… it will be December 19th, 2013 and i’ll be 29 and thinking “where did the time go”!?  I want to be sure my pockets are full of great memories!

Cheers to another year & dreaming big.


Photos by Stone Crandall

Wearing: FP One Emily Lace Slip  //  Fringe Vest – Urban Outfitters // Sam Edelman bootie

My shop is closed, all orders are shipped, my bags are packed….and I’m headed for SNOW!!  In a few hours we fly out to Minnesota to visit Sam’s family.  I am so ready to slow down and really enjoy this holiday season.  It’s been none stop up until now….and I am devoting the rest of December to family and festivities! And my birthday, which I continue to care about less and less as the years go by!  Maybe it’s just getting old that makes birthdays weird…but i’d much rather celebrate  someone else than myself.  Although I’ll take a gift or two. ha! Anyway, here’s to a week with no to-do lists!  What is life without to-do lists!!? We’ll find out!  One thing is for sure, I won’t be wearing a sleeveless fringe vest.

You can follow along on instagram….i’m sure i’ll be posting way too many photos of Rylee in her snowsuit.


This weekend we finally made it to our local tree farm to pick up a Christmas tree!  We thought about not getting one this year because we won’t be home a lot this holiday season, but I just couldn’t stomach the idea of not getting anything at all.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a tree!  And this is the first year that Rylee can kind of comprehend everything that’s going on…so we just had to!  I am a sucker for holiday traditions, and decorating the tree is at the top of my list. But Sam and I both agreed we’d get something small.  The local place we visited definitely didn’t specialize in small!  The trees were huge! But we did find one tiny guy that fit the bill in the very front.  It was the first tree Rylee ran to….so obviously we had to have it.  I think it was the smallest on the lot.  But it was perfect.  We brought it home and set it up on a box in our best attempt to have a “baby proof Christmas”.  But we will see how that goes!

I just love this time of year.  I only wish December would slow down! We take off for snowy Minnesota this week to visit Sam’s family.  I can’t wait for Rylee to experience snow for the first time!  I think some sledding and snow angels are in order!

Is it snowing where you are from!?  Christmas in San Diego is not like Christmas in a lot of other places in the world.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a place that had snowy winters!  I love to visit it….but I think my bones are accustomed to warmer winters!


For the last few months, i’ve been dying to find an excuse to try white ink on kraft paper.  And a recent holiday party served as the perfect excuse. I found this amazing diamond circle stamp at Paper Source that I thought would make the perfect oversized polka dot wrapping paper.  I bought a Frost White Color Box Ink Pad (also from Paper Source)….and I found the thin kraft paper from Target. My polka dot pattern was not perfect, but you really couldn’t even tell once the package was all wrapped up!  For the smaller polka dot paper….I used the same white ink pad, but I applied it using the bottom of a pencil eraser.  It didn’t go on as nicely as the stamp….but it got the job done.  If you are wrapping a lot of presents….this does get a little time consuming!  But it makes for a really beautiful presentation!  I finished off my packages with twine and wild berries.  You can see how I created my custom clay gift tags HERE.  Or you can also purchase them, for a short time, HERE on my Etsy store.

Let me know if you give this a try!


Photos by Stone Crandall

Wearing : Sweater (similar) & SkirtAnthropologie  //  Heels – Dolce Vita  //  NecklaceRaven & Lily

I recently partnered with an amazing company called Raven & Lily for their current Holiday Campaign.  If you’ve never heard of them, you’re going to love their story.  I’m all about companies for a cause, and Raven & Lily is just that.  Each piece of jewelry that they sell is hand crafted by women in North India, Cambodia and Ethiopia.  Not only are they creating sustainable economic opportunities for marginalized women in those regions, but they are also dedicated to returning their proceeds to help fund education, healthcare and micro loans.  By purchasing their products….you too can make a difference in transforming someone’s life!

Talk about a gift that keeps giving! Their jewelry would make the perfect gift this holiday season. The necklace I am wearing here is the Elsabet Long Double Tube Necklace.  Another favorite is the Amleset Macrame Tassel Necklace.  …..and there are so many more to lovel!  For the next two weeks, use the code RALKELLI to get 25% off your entire order!

Get shopping! xo

*Note – My Etsy shop will be closing on Tuesday, December 11th through Christmas…so if you were planning on making a purchase, be sure to make it in the next few days to receive it before Christmas!  Thanks for all the support!