First style post of the new year! Yee! I’m so excited about 2013.  I love the feeling of a fresh start.  I’m good at making goals, but i’m pretty terrible at following through. (it’s bad, i know).  So this year, instead of just thinking about all that I want to accomplish, I’ve decided to actually make a physical list….hang it up, and look at it everyday to remember those things that I want to make a priority.  It sounds silly and simple, but I’ve never done it.  And I’m hoping it’ll help keep me on track.  What do you guys do to keep organized and focused on your goals?  Organization is a big part of my 2013 resolution list….it’s my weakness for sure.  I was totally motivated by this post I recently read by Lara Casey….you should check it out.

Goals aside, let’s talk about my tiger shirt. haha.  It’s obvious I have a cat problem. I think I might need this one too.

Wearing: Back Coated Denim c/o Pac Sun // Tiger tee c/o sway chic // Jacket – H&M // Hat – Vintage // Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Photos by Erica Schneider

  1. Flora - My online wardrobe

    Happy new year :) Love this outfit!! I don’t really do resolutions, but I do make a lot of lists.. I never seem to finish the lists completely, but it helps me to get at least most of the lists done..

  2. Mnêmosunê

    Lovely outfit ! I love your shoes :-)

    Oh and may I tell you that “tigre” is a masculine noun in French. So you can say “le trigre” or “la tigresse” (= female tiger), but “la tigre” is incorrect.
    (Sorry if this sounds unkind, it is not ! English is not my mother tongue ;-) )

  3. Kari

    I am such a list maker! I have various lists of different categories taped up in my studio (to make, to visit, to do, etc) and my mac desktop is covered with stickies containing even more lists (to buy, to download). It’s a bit ridiculous!

  4. kdutz

    Love the tiger shirt and the shoes!

    As far as organization as a goal this year, I’m right there with you! As a mama of a 9 month old daughter and with another baby on the way organization is my top goal! Thanks for the article link!

  5. Marta

    The outfit looks great :) I love the hat, is not so easy to make it look that good. I was going to comment about the title too before I read what was written…I thought you were trying to write it in spanish… In french sounds really good, but you can also say ‘La tigresa’ in spanish. Both are very similar. Now you can say it (or write it) in three different ways :)

  6. maddie

    For me, writing goals downs solidifies achieving them. It makes them tangible and their not lofty ideas. Does that make sense?

    All else aside, LOVE THE SHIRT!



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