A new year, some new frames!

I must admit, I have a hard time with glasses.  I have a pretty small head, so finding glasses that actually fit often comes as a challenge.  And usually the styles I like, and fit my budget, are those that I find online and not in-store to try on….making it even tougher!   That’s why I love Bonlook’s new virtual stylist consultation service.  It takes some of the guesswork out of your online shopping.   Basically, you are guided through a short questionare regarding your style and face shape, and Bonlook’s stylists will create a customized video just for you, with suggestions on what frames would work best for you.  How great is that!?

I went through this process myself and HERE is the video they put together for me.  

Help me decide which ones to get by voting for your favorite! I am thinking the last one!? What do you think?!

Bonlook is also offering 50% off your second frame if you use the code “KELLI50” at checkout!


  1. Rachael

    i would get the 4th pair! i would love some new frames…mine are square and black and i love the forth pair cause they’re caramel and round!

  2. Moorea Seal

    I think the 3rd pair would look AMAZING on you. I’ve been eyeing, har har, the first pair for the past week. I think I might need a new prescription and I wear glasses everyday. Currently I wear classic style ray bans in tortoise. But I kind wanna try bigger cat eye frames. temptation!

  3. Molly

    My favorite, for you, is definitely the Peacock Midnight Blue. I think they would be super cute with your style, and very pretty on your face. I have frames similar to the Honeybadger, and I love the shape, but I don’t wear them much because I just don’t love them. Good luck finding the right ones. :)



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