Happy Monday!

I’m over on A Beautiful Mess today sharing my platinum hair secrets! I get asked about this a lot….so if your interested, you can read about my process here.

And feel free to ask any questions if you have any! xo.


  1. Aly

    I’ve always wanted to go platinum blond but I’m afraid it will damage my hair too much and make it feel straw-like with the bleach and everything?

    • kelli

      If it’s done correctly, you can have very healthy silky hair even after bleaching it platinum. If you have lighter hair, it will be a much easier process. But if you are dark, it’s possible too. It will just take a while.

  2. Haley

    I have always wondered how you keep your hair so flawlessly blonde! I was starting to think maybe it was naturally really light. Glad to know there’s a trick to it! :)

  3. Monica

    A stranger once told me I’d look good with platinum blonde hair, although after trying on a wig – it was not for my strawberry blonde self. It does, however, look great on you!


  4. Charity Sarah

    Hi! I completely agree on the virgin hair bit. I do my own (I went to hair school so I don’t feel so bad about it) and going over previously processed hair is a …swearword. But I wanted to ask you this : Who advised you to keep dying your hair throughout your pregnancy? This is not at all supposed to sound cheeky or judgmental. I have been reading a lot about it and all I seem to find are recommendations that you don’t dye your hair at all (or you may only highlight – as the chemicals don’t touch the scalp) during pregnancy. Now, you looked beautiful and put together whilst pregnant. When I get pregnant, I would also like to look beautiful (aka keep looking platinum blonde). So who did you talk to? What was their angle? Was it a big deal? Did you do anything differently than what you talked about in this post? Share your wisdom!

    • kelli

      Hi Charity,
      I did read up on it a bit when I got pregnant. But most of what I read suggested that the small amount of chemical that could possibly be absorbed into your skin durning the bleaching process is not enough to be harmful to the baby when a woman is pregnant. I know there is a lot of debate about it. I think the bigger issue is making sure you are in a well ventilated room when you are doing your hair because the fumes can be harmful. So I always made sure of that. Here is a good article about it –

  5. Eliza

    Hi Kelli ,
    I have been platinum for about 5 years…and it’s the one colour that I’ve stayed with longer than 2 processes. It’s just “me”. I will be trying your method today. I have a hairdresser do it. She’s really great at trying to get that white look for me. I tone in between bleaching to keep the yellow down (at home). I have a question or 2- my hair seems to always have a ring where the root and previously bleached hair connect… How do I get rid of that? And when using the purple shampoo I get purple ends whitish middle and brassy roots… Why? Is the bleach not on long enough? My natural is ash dark blond. It’s short , thin but a lot! The only time I have had true white like yours…was the very first time I went platinum. I don’t mind it going lavender a but…but I hate the rainbow effect. Any ideas?
    And I LOVE your colour. Just beautiful



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