The 52 Project – a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013

wearing: neon shirt – BabyGap / shoes – Converse Chucks / leggings – Hello Merch

I feel like life is making a lot more sense to me lately.  Like I am finally finding my rhythm.  I don’t know what’s changed over the last few months, but I have renewed inspiration and appreciation for life.  There was a long period of time where I felt stuck….underwater, with little hope of reaching the surface.  I was so focused on my seemingly never ending to-do list that I failed to enjoy the everyday.  I didn’t allow myself to press pause, and breathe in the beauty of my life.  But lately, I’ve felt that changing.  I think, in part, it’s due to my 2012 reflections and realizing how much I want to do differently this year.  Being more present in the time I share with my daughter, my husband….my friends.  Focusing on what I really want to do with my business and whole-heartedly persueing it.  Not just saying things….but really doing them. Eliminating distractions, learning to say no, and chasing after the things that light up my soul.

While I love to share bits and pieces of my life, style and inspiration here on this blog….forgive me if it’s a bit more quiet around here than usual over the next few months.  I promise, it’s not because I’m not doing anything.  In fact, it’s probably because I am doing a lot more of what I set out to do all along.  (If that makes any sense at all!)  I’ll still be here, posting when I can and when I’m inspired….but I just thought that these changes that are stirring in my heart needed some addressing….because I know they will affecting the content (or lack of content) on this blog.  Thanks to all of you who keep up with me here….who encourage me and inspire me through your kind words!   You really are the best.

And don’t think I am going anywhere too quickly….because tomorrow I am hosting a giveaway. haha.  So hurry back, won’t you?

 The 52 Project inspired by Jodi

  1. Annaa

    I wish you all the best in New Year! Your small lady is so beautiful and lovely, I am happy for those each-week photos of her, she’s stylish like her mummy :)

  2. Rachael

    it’ll be really cool to have these pictures looking back at your daughter. i want to do this challenge! i’ve already missed a week, though.

  3. danielle

    So cute! I would love it if you posted what your little one was wearing or where you got her cute clothes for some of the posts. Those pants are super cute, and I have a little one just about the same age!

  4. Natasha

    Hey Kelli

    You are truly motivational! I wish you all the best in finding that magical balance. It’s tough balancing babies, family, friends and work. And balancing living in the moment, and documenting those special times. It’s something I think you have more down-pat than you think xxx

    Tasha (Natasha from http://www.fashiondevotion.com )

  5. Ang

    Do what you gotta do, girl! We’ll still be here supporting you, your blog, and your work. Family, life, friends, happiness should always comes first. I’m proud of you for prioritizing, that can be super hard to do when you’re pulled in so many different directions!

  6. tisha

    Such a fantastic outlook for 2013! They grow up fast….enjoy! I have had to step back so many times over the years myself and I have never regretted it :-) Love that you are doing the 52 project!

  7. Lulu

    What wonderful photos of your daughter. Truly beautiful. Rylee has the cutest style!

    You are one of my fave blogs and your an inspiration to many. Look forward to many more amazing posts and adorable photos of your little world.

    Lulu xx


  8. Jen

    Sounds like you are figuring it all out! I haven’t commented in a while but I’m so glad to “hear” this from you. Being present in daily life is SO important. How often do we look back & think “where did the time go?” I feel like I spent all of last year trying to recover from various traumas…I like the idea of loving my every day life more. Thanks for the encouragement.



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