The 52 Project – a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013

wearing:  heart romper – BabyGap  //  Boots – Zara  //  Headband – Clickknits

It’s not often that I capture her full blown toothy smile.  But I’m so glad I did.  That mouth full of teeth, in all their crooked, awkward glory.  Just like mine when I was a little girl (thank God for tooth fairies).  But I love that goofy smile more than anything.

Sickness has been whirling around our house for the last week.  It seems that everyone I know has come down with something this month.  It’s the first time as a mother that I’ve had glimpses into what the “terrible two’s” might look like for Rylee girl.  And it’s not pretty.  I am blaming it on the cold, but man oh man, it was not an easy week.  Rylee and Sam are finally feeling better, but I think they may have passed the torch to me.  And just as I was ready to pat my immune system on the back.  Blasted cold!

On a happier note, thanks to everyone who “shopped my closet”. Blown away by how much sold in just the first day!  So thankful.  Orders will be shipped out over the next two days.

And lastly, I’m doing an instagram giveaway running today through thursday for one of my prints and a matching tee shirt.  Head over to my instagram for more details. xo.

  1. Charity Sarah

    Why is January the sickness month? I swear I live in a tropical climate and still, STOMACH FLU! What the heck? Hope you are all feeling better :) PS: Your kid is the cutest. I love how she is always wearing a headband. Adorable!


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