Halter Dress & bracelets c/o PacSun // Daisy Crossbody Bag c/o Linea Pelle // shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

This weekend was glorious! It felt like summer….and summer in February is always welcome!  This is what I wore on saturday.  This bag by Linea Pelle is a dream.  A new fave.  My poor skin still has it’s ghostly winter hue, but it was nice to be able to just throw on a sundress and not have to worry about any extra layers.  It’s funny, I was looking at some videos on the new Vine app and it was ironic to see all my west coast friends sharing their beach videos…and then all my east coast friends sharing their snow videos.  It’s crazy how polar opposite the weather can be on different sides of the country.  What are your guys’ thoughts on that app anyway?  I can’t get myself that into it….I guess I just find instagram quicker and easier…but maybe i’ll catch on one of these days.

Also, a much more important matter, I wanted to let you know about the Cure the KIDS Campaign by P.S I Adore You and Hello Merch.  They have partnered to create a limited edition children’s tee to help raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research.  You can read a handful of stories about some of the brave little ones who are fighting for their lives over on their blog.  Reading through some of these stories left me heart broken and in tears.  As a mother, you immediately put yourself in their shoes.  What if this was my daughter!?  I can’t even imagine.  But something we can do, is help.  The sale will run from February 18th-22nd and proceeds from every shirt sold will be donated to SLC CureSearch.  You can purchase it HERE.


  1. LoveFeast Table

    I’m going to totally age myself here and scream, “I can’t believe stone washed, faded denim is making it’s way back!” This was totally my wardrobe in high school. But, Kelli, as always, you make everything beautiful! Almost makes me wish I hadn’t purged my 90’s wardrobe.

  2. Monica

    That fringe bag is a beauty! I’m having a hard time finding one that I like around here.
    I live in Ontario in Canada and we’re still having freezing temperatures so there are no sundresses in the picture for me. However, this post is getting me very excited for summer!


  3. Jess Dynarski

    I love your shoes… a lot! The funny thing is I used to hate Jeffery Campbell shoes but seeing them on some of my favorite bloggers make them look better. You rock them, Kelli!

    It’s extremely weird to see the beach picture/videos and the snow pile pictures/videos at the same time. I love the snow we get on the east coast of the country but some days I wish it would be warm just for one lone day in February.


  4. Jessica

    I love the new Vine app. I just hope that more people would join and/ or post more often. I’m a big fan of yours and I love the videos you post on there :) I’m jealous of the weather you had this past weekend. It’s still very chilly here in Canada. Felt like -29 degrees this morning. Yikes!

  5. Raquel

    I looooooove denim dresses so much, I wish I could find more in various washes, so I could have a denim dress for every day of the week!

  6. Betsy

    Wow!!It is so nice to see summer clothes and sunshine. I live in the South and it was still freezing!! Cute outfit!

  7. Natasha

    I love this outfit Kelli! The dress is gorgeous, and I am loving the bag.

    Thank you for passing on the news about Childhood cancer. It’s a horrible thing and so hard on the families. I remember all too well my cousin’s struggle with Leukemia and the effect it had on the family. My heart goes out to any family that has to deal with such a thing. Like you I couldn’t even imagine if it was my son xxx

  8. Kastles

    Cute look! I wish we had some summer weather! Still snow & gloom over here! I can’t wait for spring! That bag is gorgeous. And thanks for posting about Cure the kids.
    Oh & Vine I wish they would change a few things about the app, I think it would help it to grow a bit better.
    <3 Kastles



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