Calcada Dress – Anthropologie  //  Necklace and Arrowhead Ring c/o Moorea Seal  //  Bag & Shoes – H&M

So, this dress.  I went out shopping last week for a new pair of jeans, and this is what I come home with.  Of course, I didn’t need it…but you know what my first thought was when I saw it?  How stinking cute it would look with a baby bump!  Ha…it’s the truth….I had to try it on.  The dressing room further convinced me that I needed it.  I don’t know what is happening to me, but all I can think about lately is having another baby.  When I shop, I re-consider purchases that wouldn’t fit an expanding stomach.  I haven’t gotten serious about working out because what’s the point of getting abs if I’m just going to get pregnant again (what a terrible justification) But it’s true.  These are my thoughts. And we are not even “trying” yet.  Sam and I have obviously talked about it….but one of us is still hesitant (clearly, not I).  And the more we talk…. the more I want it.

I think a lot of it has to do with Rylee growing up so fast.  I’ve always imagined my kids being close enough in age that they would grow up being friends.  I think because it’s what I had, I want the same experience for them.  Rylee isn’t my tiny little baby anymore.  All of a sudden she’s turned into this walking, talking, independent, opinionated little person.  Honestly, how did this happen so quickly!?  Where did my baby go?  As much as I love to see her grow and learn, there are times when I really miss the “newness”.  It’s funny how all the hard parts of having newborn get cloudy the older they get.  Maybe that’s when you know you’re ready for another.  Or so I keep telling myself.

Anyway…all this to say.  I’m getting the itch.

Photos by Stone Crandall


  1. Crystal

    I here your sentiments about having a new baby…although we are officially done with ours. That is a whole other issue realizing that your body will never hold and grow another baby in your belly. That essentially what my body is designed to do, will do no more. I am tolling with that presently although having babies is SOOO FUN, but also alot of work!

    So worth it though! Our first girls are 19 months apart and I got the same bug that you are feeling now at 8 months with Charlotte. We tried once and I got pregnant with the second. Unfortunately pregnancy is horrible for me, so the exhaustion of pregnancy coupled with having a newborn and demanding 19 month old was too much. But now, they are the best of friends because they are so close. As for the third, it took a lot longer. She is the biggest gap of 2 and 1/2 years but they are awesome all together now and being 30 with 3 little girls running around is fun and crazy!

    As always, follow your heart Kelli! We all love and support you and if you and Sam keep making beautiful babes like Rylee then keep it up!! Plus more reason to do some pregnancy photo shoots and photos of that petite little belly of yours.

    Much Love from the Cold side of North America


    • kelli

      You have such a beautiful family Crystal! I imagine myself in your shoes in a few years :) Or at least Sam thinks we will have a house full of girls! It’s the most precious thing to me seeing daddy’s and daughters!

  2. Natasha

    You are right! That dress would be too adorable with a baby bump! I’ve been having the same inner conversation when I shop, but then I think I’m going to make the most of my size now, who knows how I’d look after another bubba.

    A lot of my older friends have told me that unlike with first babies, they felt real urges to have their 2nd, 3rd etc. It’s something I have been feeling for a while now, and Hugo isn’t even 18 months yet. I loved comparing our bumps in 2011, it was nice to see someone at about the same term as me (I think we were initially a week apart) also carrying so compactly xxx

  3. Candice

    I love hearing other people’s baby thoughts and loved reading this! Thanks for sharing! You and your husband are so good looking and made the cutest baby ever so CLEARLY you need to make a few more. That’s the only argument you need. Haha

    When my husband and I first got married in 2009, I thought for sure wed wait a few years before having a baby. Not even three months went by and I had baby fever. Baddddd. I was reading a book by Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill pastor) about how babies were a blessing and such.. And it just hit me even harder. And every time I would read my bible or go to church, I felt a huge urge from God to have a baby. My husband wasn’t on board at first but he quickly felt like God was telling us to have a baby too. I wanted a baby so bad. I longed for one terribly. And on our first year wedding anniversary I found out I was pregnant! It was the most perfect timing.

    Now that my son James will be 2 in April.. I know most people would be longing for another.. But I’m not. Honestly I would be perfectly content if I never had another baby. Of course I think when he’s 4 or 5 I may feel the “urge” again.. But not now. I really firmly believe in Gods perfect timing and I believe that if I open my heart to listen, he will let me know when it’s time for us again, just like he did with James.


  4. Coury

    Well, now I need that dress! It’s nursing friendly too so you can pretty much wear it forever….pregnant, non-pregnant, AND nursing!

  5. Charis

    Haah this made me laugh because i do the same thing! There are clothes that I don’t wear but I refuse to get rid of them bc they will be perfect when I’m pregnant- hah also I keep telling myself I need to get pregnant before swimsuit season so my belly can relax and. Don’t have to work on a six pack!! Aaaaaah!

  6. Kastles

    Beautiful dress! I can’t wait to see it with a baby bump :) The hubby & I have been similar conversations about starting a family. I don’t think we will ever be ready, I don’t think anyone ever is. Thanks for always being honest & for the beautiful inspiration! Happy Friday!
    <3 Kastles

  7. angel swanson

    oh kelli, i TOTALLY feel you on this! i am absolutely ready for another baby, although a lot of people around me think i’m crazy. it is a blessing for the kiddos to have siblings close in age. praying that God will prepare you and your sweetie at just the right moment for the next little one. <3 xoxo

  8. Krista

    Love the bohemian look you’ve got going in this post, you always look so chic but relaxed still! As far as more babies, I’ve got the itch and I’ve never had one yet so it’s pretty bad… My husband has finally decided he’s almost ready… It’s nice to hear that you shop for clothes and think about a baby bump because I’ve got baby on the brain so bad that I’ve found myself doing that too for a while now and I’m relieved to hear that someone else thinks that way too!


  9. Lindsay Roberts

    You are so beautiful. I ADORE your blog. I totally feel you on this. My daughter is 3 1/2 and I went thru a divorce last year so Ive had to embrace the fact that I wont have kids close in age. I always wanted that but God has a different plan. Thanks for your honest and open words. xo

  10. Rebekah Borges

    I completely understand, I’m at the same place in my life. I want to wait a little before we have another one but I want my kids close together too. I also feel the same way about anything that won’t allow for a baby in the next year.

  11. Diana Duran

    Yes! I agree with you, thw closer they are rewarding age is best. I am a twin and me ande my sis are best friends. Just saying, and i love the outfit too :)

    • kelli

      Yes, he is…we both just wish we could be there for her right now….but she is staying strong. Lots of prayers her way! :)

  12. Erin

    i totally know the baby fever feeling you are going through, the scenario you mentioned about gently convincing certain people (em, husband) is so so familiar! It makes me giggle that other ladies do the same stuff as me. Currently convincing husband to consider baby #4. “but this would be our last! but I want the kids to be close together! but I don’t want an uneven number of kids! wouldn’t it be cool to come up with another name!? wouldn’t it be cool to see another one of our mash ups!? Oh, dear, I am nuts!

  13. Sara

    I love this dress! I fell in love when I saw it online. What size did you purchase this dress in!? I am ready for you to have another baby also, I love reading post about your family. Thanks for sharing!

    • kelli

      haha! Thanks Sara. I got it in a Small. I can’t remember if it came in an XS….I think it was just S-L. But the S fit me perfect. xoxo!



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