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I am quite proud of this little dress.  It’s full of flaws, but it’s the first dress I’ve made for Rylee…and because of that, I think I’ll always remember it.

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was about 10.  I remember carefully sewing together these miniature red santa claus suits filled with jolly ranchers to give to all my friends at Christmas time.  I actually kept one of them and still have it today.  Every time I bring it out during the holidays, it brings me right back to that moment in time with her.  I remember it so vividly.  Watching over her shoulder and she showed me how to lower the presser foot and reminded me to “never forget to backstitch”.  I’ll forever be thankful to her for introducing me to sewing.  I never knew it would be something I would grow to love so much.  Come high school, I thought I was a pro.  My favorite thing to do was take oversized vintage clothes and either tailor them to fit me, or deconstruct them entirely and make them into something new.   I started a little “business” where I would make custom skirts for my friends.  They would choose the fabric and I’d create the perfect skirt for them.  I thought I was killing it at 30 bucks a pop!  Ha.  But somewhere between college and my first job, my love for that amazing little machine dwindled.  It never totally went away, it’s just that other things replaced it.  There was a span of about 4 years where I don’t think I even touched it.  Fast forward to today and not only have I brought that machine out from hiding, but I have been putting it to work!  My passion for sewing has come back in full force and it has everything to do with Rylee.  I know a lot of times it’s easy for me to say that being a mom often takes away from my creative productivity….but in other ways….having a daughter totally inspires it.  And this is a perfect example!

  The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013 – inspired by Jodi

 And if you’re interested in the dress making process:

I hand stamped the fabric using foam board cut into a 1″ triangles (doubled up) and soft matte fabric paint by Tulip.  I just eyeballed the spacing and made mistakes here and there, but didn’t mind the imperfection.  I used the same stamping process as in this DIY if you want to read it more in detail.  For the dress pattern, I used a vintage McCall’s pattern that I purchased on etsy (similar here) …but modified it a little for Rylee (and it’s still too big!).  If you have any questions feel free to ask….but know that I’m no expert!  Happy early Valentines day, friends.  xo.


So, I was planning on doing a Valentines Day DIY to share with you guys this weekend…but then I came down with the flu and the last few days have consisted of nothing but advil and netflix.  Muah muah. So instead, I am sharing a bunch of other inspiring DIY’s I’ve spotted around the web.  It’s not too late!  You’ve still got 2 days!  Ready. Go.

1.  Dip Dyed Treat Bags  //  2.  Date Idea Arrows  //  3.  DIY Fabric Valentine  //  4.  DIY Hand Warmers  //  5. Valentine’s Day Fudge  //  6.  Root Beer Float Shooters  // 7.  Lettered Wrapping Paper  //  8.  Wax Resist Watercolor Cards //  9.  Fabric Covered Wall Letter


I recently had the opportunity to design a good friends wedding invitation suite.  They are getting married in an old brick Flour Mill in Spokane, WA.  They shared with me their vision of filling the place with birch wood, succulents, mason jars and candles.  Sounds pretty amazing, right?  The wheels immediately began turning in my head about how I could represent this in invitation form.  They trusted me with complete creative control over the design, which doesn’t happen often!  I had a lot of fun with it…painting each one of those little succulents by hand!  I think the final design turned out to be one of my favorites to date.


Photos by Stone Crandall

Wearing – Lace Dream Dress c/o Free People //  Scallop Bib Collar Necklace c/o Curious Creatures //  Heart Bangle Bracelet – Layered With Love  //  Madrid Wool Hat – Nasty Gal  //  Rings – Alimonada  //  Bow Tights – Urban Outfitters  //  Booties – H&M (similar)

Valentines day came early with a little love from Free People! So smitten with this dress.  I want it in every color! Isn’t it fab?  The scalloped lace hem makes it for me.  I just love anything FP touches….and the fact that they even know about my blog sometimes seems just not real.   As I was sifting through my clothes for my closet purge 2 weeks ago, I realized nearly half my wardrobe is Free People.  HALF of it, i’m not kidding.  It’s been my favorite brand since….well, as long as I can remember.  It doesn’t help that there’s a store right down the street from me. Now all they have to do is start making baby clothes and we’ll have a real problem on our hands.  I’m surprised that hasn’t actually happened yet.

Do you guys have any Valentines day plans!? It’s in a week from today!  Sam and I usually don’t think about it until a couple days before…neither of us are the best at thinking ahead (#fail).  For the last couple years we’ve ended up at home in our PJ’s watching some cheesy Netflix movie and reading each other’s sappy cards.  Ha! That’s usually the kind of date I prefer anyway.  Sam’s cards are always humorous and mine are always sensitive.  “Us” in a nutshell.  Thankful I have him as my Valentine forever.  Oh….and HER too.  xo.


 The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013

Just feeling extra appreciative of life with this little one lately.  Yesterday morning, while we were sitting together reading stories after breakfast, I stopped and looked at her and said, “Rylee, mama loves you.”  And ever so softly she whispers back “i lu you mama”.  I could have died right then and there.  She tucked her little head down to her left shoulder and smiled, like she does so often when she knows she’s made me proud.    Moments like these I want to bottle up and save forever.

Rylee wears: Top – naartjie kids //  Shoes – converse chucks  //  Pants – hand stamped, inspired by Leah Goren  //  Hat – Oh Cozy Knits