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Avery, Spring Daydream – 8 X 10

Poppy Print – 8X 10

Succulent Print – 8 X 10 (also available as an iphone case)

Wildflowers Print – 8 X 10

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Pants – Earnest Sewn // Boots – Sam Edelman // Sweater  – c/o PacSun // Shirt – H&M // Hat – Anthropologie // Bag – Urban Outfitters (similar)

I’m ashamed to say these photos were taken a long time ago.  A really long time ago.  I think, dare I say it, January!?  Hence, my boots and layers.  This is considered cold weather dressing for San Diego friends!  But I figured….better late than never right? As I am sitting here anticipating the arrival of summer, these photos are reminding me what I love about winter.

My sister and I took Rylee down to the Oceanside Pier the other day to let her watch the waves and run after the birds (starting to do that more often these days).  It’s the prime spot to people watch because it’s such a mash up.  All different ages and nationalities…and a whole lot of tourists.  We began laughing as we started to compare everyone’s attire.  Mind you, it’s a beautiful, sunny, but slightly chilly, day in March.  But you can ALWAYS spot the tourists.  Always.  They are the ones that are barely dressed, in the bikini’s and shorts, enjoying the sun and sand the the fullest.  While we are sitting there bundled in our sweaters thinking “aren’t they freeeeezing”!!?  But then you think about the places they might be coming from, and it all makes sense.  I think if my typical March still consisted of snow, i’d rip off my clothes at 70 degree’s too.  Not literally, but you know what I mean.  I guess we don’t have a whole lot to complain about here.  But still…I’m waiting on you summer sun.

And did I mention, we have a Palm Springs vaca all planned for Mother’s Day in May!!? A getaway to PS once a year is starting to look like a family tradition….and i’m not mad about it!

Photos by Erica Schneider



 The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013 

It was a beautiful weekend.  One of those you wish could last forever.  Rylee wore her new dress from her Grandma, and of course…a flower crown for Easter.  It was the first time at church that we were able to drop her off at child care and not have her break down in tears.  We counted that a big success!  Hopefully we are turning a corner there because seeing her horrified face as we are leaving breaks my heart every time.

After church we spent the afternoon back at my moms for an egg hunt with the kids and a family dinner.  Rylee ate more chocolate in one day than I think she has in her entire life.  Come to find out, she has a sweet tooth just like her mom! Yikes. And I still have a big basket full of candy sitting on my kitchen table that will be taunting me for the rest of this week.

Trying my best to welcome Monday, but really wishing I could re-wind the weekend!