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We’re back!  I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is vacationing!  It’s been amazing, but it’s finally back to reality.  (tear!)

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend in Palm Desert with my family.  We had planned this little retreat a while back….both to celebrate my sister’s graduation (we’ve got a doc in the fam!) and also to celebrate  all the momma’s.  12 of us packed into one big house and it was 4 days of sun, water and relaxation.  As you can see from the pics, that’s about all we did.  And it was perfect.  Palm Springs has always been our  go-to vacation spot ever since I was little.  Now that we all have families of our own, it’s not often that we are able to coordinate our schedules to vacation together.  Which is why this trip was extra special.  My grandma was even able to fly out from Wisconsin to join us!  Four generations all together.  Looking around the room I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming thankfulness for her.  Really, we are all here because of her.  Not our husbands of course, but my mom, my sisters, our kids.  It all started with one lady.  And it’s just amazing to me to think about the cycle of life and how that works.  I hope that one day I can be 76 and looking upon the generations that have come after me.  Life is such a beautiful and precious thing.

Ever since the miscarriage, I have thought more about my role as a mom and how I am impacting this little life I created.  I’ve thought about what a gift motherhood really is.  And how each moment should be cherished.  My heart breaks for those who cannot get pregnant, and I empathize with those who have lost babies that they never got the chance to hold.  Some, time and time and time again.  It’s a kind of pain you don’t even consider if you haven’t gone through something similar.  I know I never did.  While Mother’s day ought to be a celebration, I also celebrate with a sensitivity to those who are fighting for motherhood.  Those who are struggling to conceive or who have angels in heaven.  I think Mother’s day is for you too.  And my prayer is that you stay strong…and that one day, in God’s perfect timing….those desires are fulfilled in the most beautiful way.

I still cry sometimes when I think about the baby we lost.  I still feel a twinge of jealousy when I see a pregnant woman, wishing that was me.  But more than the sadness, I have found a new joy and appreciation for the perfect, charismatic, life-giving daughter that I do have.  I’m not quite sure how I got so lucky.  Not only in her, but for the man I get to raise her with.  The guy I get to call my husband and who she get’s to call her daddy.

Rylee, you are such a gift.  Thanks for letting me be your mama.


  1. Christine Evolving

    Awwwww cuteness overlaod!

    1. Rylee’s Purse!
    2. You and Sam floating in the pool!
    3. You rocking ‘sans bangs’ – refreshing change!
    4. Lifes challenges: God only gives you what you can handle
    xoxo from Canada!

  2. Erica Finnan

    This is so sweet! Love your pics! I love how real you always are. Happy Mother’s Day!! Xoxo

  3. Nedra

    So sweet Kelli and brought tears to my eyes. Lifting you and your precious family up! Believing so many blessings poured out on your family! xo

  4. Briseidy

    looks like a perfect mother’s day weekend! Rylee is the cutest with her bathing suit and sunnies!

    I didn’t know about your angel baby until know, so sorry for your loss and I admire you for being so strong and sharing that with us.

  5. Christine

    Such sweet photos and a great story about the weekend! Also, as someone whose first (and still only) pregnancy ended in its 9th week in February of last year, I can’t help but think of the Mother’s Days since with a tinge of sadness at how the day could have been spent, and so appreciate the way you acknowledge how motherhood truly is a gift. Thank you.

  6. KAIT

    What a beautiful family you have! These photos are incredible. Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  7. Alana

    thanks for sharing your story…we’ve been trying for 2 years to become parents and things haven’t worked out. I’m with kids all day at work and I can’t wait until I have my own. We’re believing for a miracle.

    i do however have two nieces who i love to spoil so was wondering where you got Rylee’s adorable purse!

  8. Jen

    Beautifully said. And as a woman who is fighting to be a momma, I appreciate the acknowledgement of ALL the moms out there. It does feel like a silent, lonely struggle at times and it’s always nice to know there are others who have shared similar pain.

    Happy belated Mother’s Day beautiful momma! I thank YOU for sharing your wonderful family with all of us. :-)

  9. Candice

    Beautifully written, Kelli! So happy you enjoyed your vacation! I really want to do Palm Springs with my husband this summer for our anniversary! Any good tips on best hotels, restaurants, or things to do? Send them my way :)

    • kelli

      Fun Candice!
      My favorite hotels we’ve tried so far are probably the Parker, Ace Hotel, and the Viceroy
      Breakfast at Norma’s (at The Parker)
      Breakfast at King’s Highway (at the Ace)
      Cheeky’s for breakfast/lunch
      Bar for drinks (it’s called Bar) ha.
      Las Casuelas Terraza for good mexican

      …that’s all i can think of for now :) Hope it helps!

  10. Liu

    Hi Kelli!!
    these photos are so cute!!
    You and ur family look great!
    What camera and lens do u use? i love it!


  11. Sarah

    This is such a sweet and thoughtful of my favorite photo groups of yours so far and the words written so beautifully. It really means a lot to me that you are brave enough to talk about these hardships so that women like myself who have an angel baby in heaven can be reminded that we are not alone. Families lose children all the time, but when it happens to you, it feels like….it’s only happened to you (if that makes sense) This weekend marks one year since we lost our unborn 5month old baby, and somehow reading your words here is soothing a bit. Thank you Kelli…for reminding me of the hope for future miracles, and that it’s ok to still cry about it from time to time.

  12. Heather

    This is so beautifully put. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s okay to mourn the little one you lost… that baby will always hold a piece of your heart, and someday you will meet him or her in heaven! Prayers for you!

  13. Alie

    Thank you for your beautiful words, they always seem to hit home. I went through a painful miscarriage at 15 weeks last month, and I still struggle everyday to not be jealous and let my pain consume me. Mother’s day was difficult, so thank you for acknowledging that it is also a day for those who are mothers without their babies. So happy to see you enjoying your time with your precious little one.

    • kelli

      Oh I am so sorry to hear that Alie. I hope over time your heart is able to heal as mine has. Hang in there. Love and prayers to you.

  14. kristine

    hey, kelli i really like you’re message that was really inspiring you know few ladies this days think of how wonderful it is to conceive a baby. Most this time decide to take abortion so they won’t take any responsibility. You’re a nice lady and a good daughter and grand daughter. I wish you luck and your family also.

  15. myka

    Thank you for this sweet post. Definitely touched my heart…because I can’t wait to be a mama. We lost our first pregnancy at 9 weeks (after years of struggling to even get pregnant). I can’t even express to you how amazing your words in this post renewed my hope in becoming a mother. Happiest of mothers day to you and your sweet family! xoxo.

  16. tereza

    Love all the pictures, looks like so much fun! I can’t believe you have the same case! that’s too cool :)

  17. Kastles

    Looks like you guys had so much fun! These photos are so beautiful! Your Grandma is so cute <3
    Beautiful words to go with your beautiful photos as usual :) Thanks for keeping it real lil lady! Happy almost weekend!
    <3 Kastles

  18. Tasha

    Great post Kelli! Tears in my eyes as I read it. I can’t wait to move home to Australia and be closer to my mum and grand-mothers for a while. I’m sure this vacation with your family helped to take your mind off your loss for a little while. Nothing like fun times with those you love the most to make you feel better.

    I always spare a thought for those who wish to be mothers on mother’s day, and those who don’t have their mother’s anymore. It’s such a sensitive time for so many people xxx

  19. Cecilia

    Beautiful post, Beautiful family. I am not yet a mom, but reading your blog makes me want to get a baby:)

  20. angel swanson

    thank you for these beautiful words. this PS trip looked absolutely fabulous and i’m glad you got to get away and enjoy some fun with your family. you are wonderful mama to Rylee! God knows your heart and your desires; I pray He answers them in His perfect timing. ;-) xoxo



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