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  Lasercut Muscle Tee & Floral Skirt – Urban Outfitters / Shoes – Dolce Vita / Bracelets – Free People


What are you all up to today!?  For me, Memorial Day is an odd day to call a “holiday”.  Because when I think of ‘holiday’, I think of parties and celebrations and a day off of work. Not having any ties to the military, it’s easy to forget the real meaning of today.  For our family, Memorial Day usually means an afternoon at the beach and a BBQ with friends.  It is, after all, the kickoff to summer, right?  But more than all of that,  it’s a day to remember.  And today, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live in this nation.  I’m remembering all of those who have fought and given their lives for our freedom…and also those who still serve us today.  It’s easy to take our freedom for granted, but it doesn’t come without a cost….and I’m certainly grateful for those who volunteer to protect it.

On another, much more shallow note….I did a bit of spring cleaning and just opened another “Shop My Closet” store this morning!  There are items from my own closet as well as Rylee’s.  So go get your shop on!


  1. Tasha

    Such a cute look Kelli! I love that skirt. I so need lessons from you on finding time and energy to get things done. I have so much to go through before our move, and I’ve hardly started. It all looks too hard! xxx

    • kelli

      I wish I could ship international, but after my experience doing that for my last closet sale….I decided it was much too complicated! Sorry Rebecca!

  2. Sarah

    Really cute outfit..loving the laser cut tank! (Ps. I prefer to look down in most of my photos too;)
    Happy Memorial day!

  3. Dre

    Adorable outfit! Are these shoes current? Name? I cant find them anywhere :(


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