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The Del Mar Fair has kind of become our summer tradition.  We spend way to much money and stuff ourselves with awful food….but there is something about it that keeps us coming back.  Sam and I met at this fair way back when.  Not in a weird sort of way….but just the typical friends meeting up with friends.  I remember standing in line with him for one of those terrible caged twisting upside down rides and watching a guy throw up all over the place.  He staggered out of his cage and the workers blasted it with a hose, quickly motioning for their next victim.  Clearly, this wasn’t the first time it had happened.  Needless to say, we decided to forgo that ride together, but we did exchange numbers…and the rest is history.

This was Rylee’s first fair experience.  We decided we need to give her another year before she can really enjoy it…..but at least the cheese curds and the farm animals were a hit.  I think we both wanted to take home a piglet!  We are headed to Wisconsin next week, so I have a feeling more cheese curds are on the horizon, and I’m more than ok with that.


  1. Steph

    Aw this fair looks amazing! Beautiful pictures. Though the cage ride sounds pretty gross haha. Have a great time in Wisconsin, I’ve always wanted to visit there. Hopefully one day :) x

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  2. J.

    To be honest the terrible food is one of the best parts about a fair lol. I haven’t been to a fair in so long though, the last one I went to was the AZ State Fair when my daughter was only a couple months old. I’ve been dying to get some fair food for a while now.

    Looks like you all had a great time though! :)

  3. Holl JC

    These pictures are are wonderful Kelli! Sounds, and looks like you had an amazing time! xxx

  4. Kastles

    Aww these photos are beautiful! And I adore the story about you and Sam, so cute! Have fun in Wisconsin!
    <3 Kastles

  5. Maria

    I love pictures of u all together so much! :) Thanks for sharing.
    I always come back to your blog and know that I’ll find here some new inspiration and nice post, that will make me smile.

  6. Jen

    Your Del Mar Fair pics always make me sooooo homesick! (I know it’s called something else now but it will ALWAYS be the Del Mar Fair to me.) There wasn’t a summer of my childhood that I didn’t go AT LEAST 3x. I miss it so! Thanks for giving me a taste of home. :-) Enjoy Wisconsin.

  7. kellyhicks

    Such beautiful photos! Way to make the fair look pretty and classy ;)

    Oh and make sure to also have some squeaky cheese curds when you’re in WI if you haven’t already had some!

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  8. angel swanson

    the county fair is a summertime tradition for me! we took olive last summer and i can’t wait to take her this year, when she can enjoy the sights & sounds a bit more. ;-) love your pics!

  9. Tiara

    I’ve been dying to dye my hair that color!! it looks so good on you!! and your daughter is soooo cute. I love how you dress her


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