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Marine Embroidered Dress – Free People / Heels – Zara

If only I could find 10 other dresses, just like this one.  The perfect summer frock if you ask me!  It’s been so hot out the last few weeks, all I’ve wanted to wear are sundresses.  Anything on my legs when it’s above 85 degrees is just not happening.  I never used to be this way….but somewhere between having a baby and now, my body decided it just couldn’t do the heat like it used to.  Sam and I have been thinking about another trip to Palm Springs before the summer’s end….but I think waiting out this heat wave might be in our best interest! I’ve been dying to try out Korakia!  Has anyone been!?

Photos by Jackie Wonders



  1. Kastles

    Such a perfect summer look! Going to Palm Springs always sounds like a good idea to me! I hope you are having a great week pretty lady <3 Kastles

  2. Erin

    How do you find the confidence to look so unique every day? Maybe you’ve always been confident, maybe it’s because California is so different, but when I get the courage to style it up I often get looks from the “jeans and t-shirt” type of people, and sometimes I get those ‘who does she think she is?’ vibes. Or if I get a compliment I feel like i’m drawing attention to myself as one of those girls who tries too hard and I don’t know what to say besides thanks and think to myself they are just being nice or maybe they’re being sarcastic. I assure you my style is not strange, it’s just different for my area of the US. Maybe it’s just me, over thinking it.

  3. Sarah

    Love the black and creme dress with you poppy hot pink nails;) awesomeness…
    Free People rocks frocks! Lovely…

  4. Nikki

    Adorable. I have had this in my FP shopping cart for weeks! What size are you wearing? I am torn!!



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