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31 Bits Horizon Jumble Necklace // Zara shorts & shoes //  ASTR Faux Leather Crop Top  //  Photos by Stone Crandall

I am so excited to have teamed up with 31Bits for today’s giveaway!  I’ve been a fan since the minute I heard their story.

After traveling to Uganda, founder Kallie Dovel longed to find a way to help the women who were living in poverty there.  What she found an opportunity in jewelry making.  You can watch this video to see how they are revolutionizing the way people do business.  It’s incredibly inspiring!  What started with 6 Ugandan women, has now grown to 99!  Each piece of jewelry is handmade by these women using beautiful paper beads.  With each purchase from 31 Bits, you are helping empower these women to rise above poverty and transform their lives!

Today, 31 Bits is giving away TWO of my favorite necklaces! The Horizon Jumble in creme & lime, that I am wearing in the photos above.  And also Cloud Nine, a gold ombre beaded necklace that you will see more of in tomorrow’s post!

31 bits giveawayTo Enter:

1. Visit 31 Bits and leave a comment below


1.  “Like” 31 bits on Facebook and let us know you did!

2. Share via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and leave a separate comment for each.

Good Luck!  A random winner will be chosen on Friday, July 26th.



Congrats Samantha! Email me at kellimurrayart{at}gmail{dot}come to claim your necklaces!



  1. Audrey

    Love these so much!! Especially the cloud nine necklace! So gorgeous! Liked you on Facebook! :)

  2. Anna Silvia

    I liked them on Facebook and looooooooove the horizon jumble necklace! Amazing! And Kallie had a great idea! Congrats to her! :D

  3. Natalie Schuchardt

    The company I am interning with is giving 31 bits jewelry to our clients! I love this organization, the hope they provide, and the jewelry they make!

  4. Kristina

    I have a close friend who works at the 31 bits compound in Uganda and is having the most amazing time with such an amazing organization. What gorgeous items.

    I’ve liked them on facebook!

  5. Kelsey

    Love them! I haven’t added these necklaces to my 31bits collection, but I have been a fan of their jewelry and message for several years!

  6. Emily Laney

    I love 31 Bits! Their pieces are all amazing, and it’s so wonderful knowing that you’re giving back with every purchase!

  7. Kastles

    31 Bits is one of my favourite companies! I love their stuff & what they stand for! I can’t stop wearing my necklaces from them! I liked them on facebook :)
    Also love this summery look!
    <3 Kastles

  8. Rachel

    Liked on Facebook and Instagram. Also followed on twitter!

    Love all of the jewelry!

  9. Barbara Clohecy

    Already liked on Facebook – have been a big fan for sometime now, but would love to add to my collection that I started when hosting a show last year! Love 31 Bits!

  10. SarahM

    I “liked” on Facebook and visited their site! I love 31 Bits and all they are doing! :)

  11. Carrie

    BIGGEST FAN of 31Bits!!! 31Bits mission and passion to help women who need it most is truly amazing! I would love to help promote, market and search for proactive ways in how we could better spread the word in what 31Bits craves for day in and day out: helping women who need it most.

  12. Coley Kuyper

    I love these!! and i love the story behind them! I went through their website and there are so many beautiful pieces. I also liked on Facebook :) Thanks for sharing Kelli!

  13. Abby R.

    Officially “Liked” on FB and shared from Instagram to Twitter. I ADORE 31 bits and love reading your blog!

  14. Kathleen Johnson

    I have been a fan of 31 Bits for a couple of years! I have Liked them on my Facebook page and would love to be entered to win one of the necklaces!

  15. Karen

    I love 31 Bits! I have one necklace of theirs already and would love to have more. :)

  16. Marie

    Liked on FB (under a different name)! I do not like to post the name of my personal account, but if you email me, I can provide it for you :)

  17. Jamie Warner

    Just visited 31 Bits store! Felt like a little girl playing dress-up! Live their product and story!

  18. Megan

    I discovered 31 Bits at Fish Fest a few years ago, it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come since then!

  19. samantha

    31bits is an awesome company. Thanks for introducing them to me. All the peices are gorgeous! Liked on facebook:)

  20. Heide

    It’s inspiring to see all these people coming together to improve their lives, and to see all the support they receive.

    Their jewelry is simply breathtaking.

  21. Danielle Taylor

    I love the jewelry and what 31Bits does to empower women. I’ve like them on Facebook for a while now.

  22. Jenny

    LOVE the mission and design of 31 bits! I have followed them on Facebook for a couple years and love to give away their jewelry as gifts.

  23. Elizabeth WIET

    Would love to add these beautiful pieces to my jewelry collection!! And for such a great cause!!

  24. Maria C

    Shared on Facebook AND liked the post! I’m so happy i also got my first shipment of 31 bits!

  25. Jen

    I love 31 bits!!!!! Such a good cause and super cool jewelry- I hope I win :)

  26. Samantha

    I’ve been a fan of 31 Bits, their jewelry, and their mission for a while! I have just never been able to afford any of their beautiful pieces. Their newest summer collection is amazing :)

  27. Greta

    I liked 31 Bits on facebook some months ago… I would really love to win one of their gorgeous pieces!

  28. Brittney

    Love Love Love 31 Bits! not only is it a great cause but fantastic products!

  29. Megan Gray

    I have loved 31 Bits for years! I have liked them on FB for a long time because it is a wonderful company that has beautiful products with an AMAZING story. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Mani Mouanoutoua

    So appreciative of the work and outreach of 31 Bits! It’s a great tool for gender and cultural empowerment.


  31. Svetlana

    Really lovely company story.
    The cloud nine necklace is very cute. Also, love your outfit!

  32. Mallory

    Their necklaces are gorgeous! I’m so exited to find out about them! Lingering them on Facebook & Instagram!

  33. Eileene Payne

    Beautiful jewelry for such an incredible cause. I have done a lot of missions work in Uganda. I am so excited for the 31 Bits venture which provides talented women with a sustainable job and income in Uganda.

  34. Tara

    I love your necklaces!!! Especially the wedding collection! I can’t wait to wear one of those on my special day! I hope I win! :)

  35. Katie

    I was on the 31 bits website admiring the cloud necklace THIS MORNING. LOVE!!! I’m wearing a 31 bits necklace right now… I want to wear their stuff every day!

  36. Kate A.

    I love 31 Bits, and I hope to bring more attention to the cause on my college campus! I love visiting the site looking for something new!

  37. Kariné

    Liked 31bits a while back on facebook. Never owned the jewellery but would love to.. And to see people’s faces light up when explaining the whole story behind the jewelry. Visiting Zimbabwe last year, I saw similar opportunities of work in this specific domain of jewellery making for women who really had nothing. They made the beads with recycled paper. It was so beautiful and as colourful as the smile and reborn hope you could see on these women’s faces:) The workers also presented me some of their works. Truly inspiring!

    (as of now, followed and liked on IG.)

  38. Hannah

    Found out about them a few weeks ago! Love everything about them! Immediately liked them on Facebook after I bought two bracelets from them. Everything of theirs is so cute!

  39. Kate M

    31 Bits has such and awesome mission. Their necklaces have been on my wish list for a while, and I buy them as gifts!

  40. Kaitlyn T

    Followed on Instagram, liked on Facebook, spent 30 minutes reading the mission, ordering jewelry, and told all my friends! Love 31 Bits!

  41. Alison

    Gorgeous designs and gorgeous message. Jewlery makes us all feel beautiful but no other jewelry can also make you feel proud; giving you the opportunity to have an impact in someone’s life.
    Everyone should watch the video about the company. Very moving.

  42. Bekah

    Absolutely love 31 bits!! Got something for all the ladies in my fam for Christmas last year!

  43. Jahnissi

    i’m planning a wedding and i love 31 Bits!! i’d love nothing more than having the “cloud nine” be part of my wedding jewelry :) I’m a fan of both you and this great company on facebook and instagram!

  44. Kaye Rossi

    Beautiful, elegant jewelry. It’s very European. Missing my church in OC but love staying connected through 31 Bits! You girls are doing such amazing things! Love getting your FB posts. Blessings to all…

  45. Jessica

    Big fan of 31 bits! The gold neckalce would be a perfect wedding gift!

    Liked 31 Bits on facebook as well!

  46. Kylie Danskin

    LOVE 31 bits! I’ve always wanted to get a necklace from them :)
    I also liked them on FB woot woot!

  47. Katherine

    And just shared with my friends! Thanks so much!! : ) Such great pieces – so happy to spread the word!

  48. Amy Vie

    I visited the 31 Bits website. You did a great job styling the two looks, Kelli!

  49. Heather Hutchinson

    Would love to wear one of these necklaces on my wedding day in October. Have liked on Facebook, what an inspiring company xx

  50. Jessica

    If its not to late, I would love to enter this contest. Count me in for a 31 bits necklace


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