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Leather Shorts (similar) // Top – Nordstom //  Flats – Need Supply

Bringing it back to my lavender locks here on the blog today!  These photos were taken a while ago when my purple hair was at it’s prime.  Talk about a late post, but I really loved these images by Jackie.  How great is that blacksmith shop!?

My sister and I are doing each other’s hair again tomorrow, and I keep going back and forth on whether I should dye it again or not.  I am thinking I might go back to my usual ashy white….but the purple sure was fun.  Ugh. Decisions.  Weigh in would ya!?  xoxo.


  1. nia

    You look awesome in these photos kelli!
    & I vote for another round of lavendar hair. it compliments your aesthetic beautifully.

  2. Amanda

    I love your lavender hair, but I’m also a big fan of white hair too. ;) I just recently dyed my usually-white hair a pale grey (using ion’s Titanium, diluted a bit) and added in just a couple of faint mint green pieces. I’m loving it! I say use a semi-permanent color and try something different…it’ll fade pretty quick, so it’s no huge commitment. :)

  3. kelsey

    you are just stunning! and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet…but I’m SO IN LOVE with your new website!! so you, and so gorgeous. <3

  4. Emily

    Love that hair color on you so much! Wish I could pull off something like that. You look great woth either, maybe you could even try a peek-a-boo purple! Also, this shoot’s backdrop is perfect!

  5. Lexington

    You are so cute! I so, so love the purple, but change is good. Try a new color, or the pretty ash color.

  6. Kim

    love your floral top and leather shorts i do love the purple hair…..but maybe a different color all together like a light pink? is that too cliche lol :)

  7. nellie

    I think you should stay with the purple for one more round. I think it would be nice with your fall colors and clothes. It would be like bringing a little bit of summer color into the fall. But whatever you choose will look beautiful <3

  8. Jen

    I say go for the lavender! Yours looks 1000x better than Kelly Osbourne’s! Hehe. It faded fairly quickly last time (if I remember correctly) so…why not?!

  9. Rebecca

    If you think you MIGHT want to go purple again, then you should definitely do it. That way when it comes time again to re-dye in a couple of months (or however long), you’ll DEFINITELY be ready to be blonde again. ;)

  10. Kastles

    Those shorts are awesome! I am definitely a fan of the purple hair :) But any color looks great on you! :)
    <3 Kastles

  11. Josie

    Another awesome outfit you are too cute! Love your portfolio work as well, great graphic design sense. You’ve got another follower on bloglovin!



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