Archives: August 2013

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It’s here, you guys, it’s here!  As one reader put it, it’s the end of an era!!  My site has been the same since when I started it way back in 2009, and Lord knows a lot has changed since then in my style, my career, and my over all aesthetic.  This re-design was long overdue….but here we are, finally on the other side.  I don’t know how many of you who read my blog are designers yourselves, but if you are, you know how hard it is to design for yourself.  Give me someone else’s vision and I can nail it on the head…..but tell me what I want, and I am left floundering.  I designed this new site myself (with the help of my talented, left-brained developer friend Jordan).  I reworked it about a thousand times, adding all sorts of jazz to the edges and art elements to my sidebar….and at the end of the day I just kept coming back to nothing.  Nothing but a simple header and a functional navigation.  Rather than focus on a complex design, I wanted the focus to be on my art and photography.  I love that it feels like a clean slate.  I know I can always add to it in the future if I feel like it needs more “pop”, but for now,  I am digging the minimalism.  I have a whole new portfolio layout with lots of work you’ve probably never seen.  I’ll be adding / organizing this more over the next few weeks.  And we also created a DIY gallery where you can easily browse through all of my tutorials.  I love this part and I’m excited to start adding more to it!  I also created a “wishlist” page  (you can link to it on the sidebar) where I’ll constantly be posting my most loved items found online!

And last but not least, I’ll finally be accepting sponsors!  This was a big decision for me because for so long I have consciously not touched this piece of the blogging.  But I’m at a point in my journey that it only feels right to take the leap and see how it goes.  I’ve always really loved helping to promote other artists and small businesses, so I am looking forward to doing that here through sponsorship.  Taking this step will help justify the amount of time I spend here and insure that I will be able to continue for years to come!  Thanks again for sticking with me on this journey and for being such a great community of friends who are constantly encouraging and inspiring me!

Above photos by Jackie Wonders