Nouveau Punk


Nouveau Punk // Kelli Murray

Nouveau Punk // Kelli Murray


Nouveau Punk // Kelli Murray

T-shirt and Checked Trousers – Zara  //  Shoes c/o Choies //  Sunglasses c/o Epokhe

My bangs are officially long enough to braid!  6 months in the making.  Funny thing is now that I’ve gotten there, I have the itch to chop them again…but I am resisting! (don’t blame me if tomorrow they are gone!)  With this heat wave still holding on, I am dreaming more and more of the arrival of Fall….pumpkin lattes, brisk walks, scarves and boots.  As much as I love summer, I really love the transition into Fall.  These plaid pants from Zara have fall written all over them, don’t they?  But they are so light weight they hardly even qualify as pants.  More like glorified pajamas.  I guess you could say they are perfect for what we consider Fall here in San Diego.


  1. Kim

    I’m ready for this heatwave to be over too! I can’t wait for it to be cool enough to wear a sweater. I love these pants you keep finding and your hair looks awesome :)

  2. Alexiane

    Hey , I really like this checked trousers :) I’d like to know what size did u take plz :) ?

  3. Karina

    I Love your outfit.. I was thinking of purchasing those trousers what size did you buy yours?.



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