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I’m so excited about today’s giveaway!   I partnered up with Your Cloud Parade to gift one lucky reader all of the beautiful items pictured above! Yes, all of them! Your Cloud Parade is an online marketplace where you can shop and design a wedding all in one spot.  Convenient eh!?  They offer such a great range of products from decor & accessories to paper goods and even wedding dresses.  Today, a few of their wonderful vendors are giving away a few of my favorite products!  Your package will include:

1.  Ring Dish by Paloma’s Nest

2.  Blush Tassel Party Garland by Tuck & Bonte

3.  Mini Air Plant Colorblock Pod with Air Plant from Sea & Asters

4.  Rose Gold Side Cross Necklace from  London Manori

5.  Set of 4 Mini Planters from Wind & Willow

6.  Love Is Sweet Paper Garland by Tasteful Tatters

7.  Gold Arrow Bangles from Elisha Marie

8.  Framed ‘Happily Ever After’ Print from Typologie & Co.

9.  Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper by Little Cat Design Co.

10. Gold Animal Mason Jar from Sunday Brunch

11.  Handmade Flower Headpiece from Mignonne Handmade

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A winner will be announced on Friday, Sept 27th! Good Luck! xo



  1. Heide

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Kelli, and especially Your Cloud Parade for this amazing chance to win such lovely items.

  2. Makenna Gurzi

    I just recently found your blog through another favorite that I follow and feel head over heels for everything about it. Your creative style is so delightful and the talent and gifts you have are incredible. I am in the midst of redecorating my room and everything about fits my styles to a perfect key! I’d love to win. Eek!!

  3. Anna

    I’ve been following Your Cloud Parade for a while and looooooove everything they post on instagram. So, thank you so much for the oportunity to win just some amazing gifts!

  4. Kim Wedlock

    Oh! What’s this? A comment? How did that get here? You should keep an eye on your comment box. Anyone could wander in.

    That didn’t work, did it?
    Psyched about this giveaway! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed!

  5. Bethany

    these pieces have been designed with such a delicate, feminine flare sure to make any girl smile simply by glancing at them. reminiscent of the care-free age of being a little girl but with big girl style. love. to. pieces.

    • Bethany

      forgot my last name on my post…”Bradford”. can u tell how killer i think these pieces are???? i can think of 11 great friends these pieces could go to. wait…make that 10…i could use a bit of style;)

  6. Jessica Olivares

    Lovely, unique and adorable pieces!
    I’m getting married in December! Fingers crossed I get to win this amazing package! :)

  7. Candice williams

    Ok I’m semi freaking out about this. I have been looking up tassel garlands for my sons birthday party and you’re giving one away!! Plus that gold animal mason jar and the “and they lived happily ever after” print would look great in the new house we just moved into!! I still need more decor! Thanks for the chance Kelli!

  8. Giulia Carraro

    OMG! They have such sweet things. By the way Kelli, I’M IN LOVE with the new face of your blog, it’s looks so much better.

    I love your photos, and Rylee OMG she is so gorgeous!
    You look amazing as always in every post you make with outfits!


  9. Andrea

    Beautiful objects! They all coordinate together and seem to have your signature color palette!

  10. Brittni Butler

    All of this would go so perfectly in our fall wedding here in Nashville! We are DIY’ing it up, so fingers crossed we will get to have these lovely additions to make our day even more romantic and beautiful! It’s all in the littlest of details Xx. <3

  11. Brittney Nichols

    Wow these items are absolutely beautiful! I am so attracted to them all-especially because these are the colors for my wedding that I’m in the middle of planning :) I love your ig, your blog.. Thank you for being available to us all with your talent! And much appreciated the thoughtful giveaways!

  12. Jasmine Parks

    This giveaway is swoon-worthy. Thanks to all the rad vendors who have giving hearts :)

  13. Meghan G.

    Such adorable pieces! Just moved into a new place and am looking for fun, decorative touches!

  14. Lana Wilson

    These are my exact wedding colors for my wedding in March! I have having it in Tyler, Texas in the woods! I can’t wait to look more at this website!

  15. samantha prince

    What a great giveaway! Your style is so incredible, Kelli! I hope my home is half as cute as yours down the road!

  16. Michelle Junco

    Oh my stars! This is one of the best giveaways I have ever seen! Love, love, love everything in it.

  17. Marissa

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful giveaway! All the items are stunning. I recently discovered your blog and can’t get enough of your style!

  18. Macey

    I follow along on Instagram, but this is first time on your blog! Beautiful. Would be over the moon to snag this package! xoxox

  19. Vivian

    Everything is just so pretty!! I hope I win! And if not I’m still glad that I now know about this amazing online shop :)

  20. Chelsey G

    Everything is just crazy gorgeous! I am such a huge fan of Cloud Parade in general, and all their vendors are so talented!

  21. Sheri

    Oh my gosh!! I absolutely LOVE everything! Every piece would perfectly fit into my wedding decor. This is thee giveaway to win! *crossing fingers*

  22. Caitlin

    Amazing Giveaway! And exicted to learn about a new wedding site. All so feminine and beautiful!

  23. Justine

    So excited for this giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win such amazing things!!! Fingers crossed!!! XO

  24. Jessica San

    I been trying to find a cross necklace just like the one pictured and the elephant mason jar is just too adorable! Everything about this whole entire set is just gorgeous! This is the best giveaway pack I have seen. I hope I win…:)

  25. Sicily

    Love the blush tassel party garland! Hope that I win so I can use it in my baby girl’s nursery!

  26. Andrea Mann

    Love the style and color scheme of all these items! If I don’t win, I want to try and make several of these things, so cute! Also, love all the photos you post! xoxo

  27. Janet

    Got to your blog link through instagram, perused it for a bit, and fell in love. This giveaway is PERFECT for my wedding in January – thank you for the post/giveaway, and will be frequenting your site/etsy shop!

  28. Tanya

    Obsessed with your blog! Our little girls are so close in age, I love seeing how you dress your little one (I might have stolen more than a few outfits from her).

  29. Katie

    Oh my lovely! All of these pieces would go perfectly at our wedding in May! Love to the fullest extent. Thanks KM & CP. xoxo

  30. Jordan

    This is so cool! I’ve never heard of cloud parade but I will be checking them out now!! Thanks!!

  31. Kayleigh

    Love everything, so beautiful! This such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you Kelli and Cloud Parade!!!

  32. Lauren

    I would be flattered and beyond excited to win any of these peices. Each one is unique and thoughtful! Love!

  33. Megan Martin

    Hi Kelli! I found you through my girlfriends who run cloud parade and fell in love with your blog. It was actually interesting timing too. I found your blog right when I found out I was preggo and you JUST had blogged about a current miscarriage. I too, had a weird feeling when I was preggo and right after I read your blog, I felt like God had me read it for a reason. Shortly after that it was confirmed I was going to miscarry. It was awesome reading your blog before because it really helped me feel “okay” with all the feelings I was having at the time. Anyhow, thanks for always keeping things real:) xoxo

    • kelli

      Aw thanks Megan! It really is shocking how many of us go through it…although I know that doesn’t make it mush easier. Thanks for your encouragement. xo

  34. Jodi Estes

    I love all the sweet handmade details that make for such a memorable wedding that will keep guests remembering all the little touches!

  35. Emily

    Beautiful items, each one of them! I love you doing these giveaways! Gives me a reason to cross my fingers and hope for a fun treat!

  36. RACHEL

    Stunning pieces. Would be lovely for the wedding my husband and I will hopefully have one day.

  37. tiffany

    The tassel garland! the air plant pod! It is just all too lovely! *sigh* thank you for a beautifully curated giveaway! the winner will be a very lucky individual (;

  38. Catherine P

    Would love to have all of these things for my wedding – thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!

  39. Ruth

    Ahh, all of these things are so beautiful and so me! I would love to decorate my new flat with them, since it’s not a particularly nice place right now. Also, you and your family are so lovely and love to watch your adventures on Instagram! Lots of love, Ruth.

  40. Elise Rechlin

    LOVE the delicate feminine gold accessories, and those plant pots are so fun! Will bring happiness wherever it goes. Such a wonderful giveaway! Lovin’ your blog Kelli, I always leave inspired. Was a Jedidiah fan, and it’s been so fun following your journey and seeing your own style evolve, and the collaborations you do! You’re so talented. Thanks for sharing it :)

  41. Michaela

    What a beautiful selection of curated gifts! Your taste is impeccable, I hope these will become a part of my home/closet :)

  42. Haley Dennis

    Not sure what happened with my previous comment but this giveaway is gorgeous! I want to use the items for a styled shoot! So perfect :) pick me pick me!

  43. Megan

    omgeeeee!!! I cannot stop looking at them all. So freaking adorable. I’d love to win them all! Thanks for hosting a fab giveaway!

  44. Berit

    So nice, sooo nice. Though I’m not located in the USA, hopefully it is an international give-away? I’m probably just blinded by the good stuff and overlooked the information, haha.

  45. Olivia

    Oh my goodness! Everything is so lovely in this giveaway! I’m getting married in May and all of these beauties would be perfect for our day! xo


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