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The last leg of our home tour : the bedroom.

My favorite part about this space is probably the wallpaper behind our bed.  Busy wallpaper usually really scares me.  But I fell in love with this charcoal lace print by Louis Body and thought it’d make the perfect statement.  I decided to hang some antlers (I know, I have far too many) alongside some vintage metal letters that I painted a gritty white (XO!).  Our bedding is from Anthropologie, the hand crocheted throw is from Namolio, and our pillows are from Bookhou and Z Gallerie.

The dresser also has a fun story in that it’s grown up with me.  I’ve had it since I was 10 and have moved it into every apartment and condo I’ve ever lived in.  We painted and distressed it in white and switched out the knobs with prettier ones.  It’s amazing what a little paint and hardware can do.  The wood behind our tv was the creative idea of my husband.  For a solo art show I did several years ago, Sam built me a ton of these reclaimed whitewashed wooden back drops to display my art on.  I loved them so much, I didn’t want to just throw them away after the show was over. So we saved them in our garage for over a year before Sam came up with the idea to use them as a backdrop for our television.  I just love the way it came out.  Overall, our bedroom is pretty thrifty….but I like that a lot of the pieces have a story or a memory tied to them.

Photos by Jackie Wonders

  1. Suzana S.

    Your room is so light and airy, love the style! And the story about your dresser is really beautiful. I had curtains that I used to take with me in every apartment I used to live in, until my dog ate’em :)

  2. Christine

    I love that a detail of the bedroom tour includes a photo of Rylee in boots on backwards. My godson (named Riley!) does the same thing and I never get tired of it. Thank goodness we’ll have photos to remind us of the times when they hadn’t yet outgrown such whimsy.

  3. Elise Rechlin

    So deamy! That dresser with those decorative knobs is fantastic, I want one of those and that cool triangle throw pillow.
    Also, I’m kind in love with the colored denim you have on! Trying to find colored denim for fall has been harder than I thought



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