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I feel like it’s the beginning of a whole new life for us.  Since our very first date, I knew one of Sam’s dreams was to open up his own retail shop .  It’s been 6 years since then, and I feel like all of his jobs prior have prepared him for this day.  It’s not something we intentionally pursued at first….opportunities arose, ideas were sparked, and one month later we were signing a lease for a space we had once only dreamed about.  The timing wasn’t perfect, but yet, I’m not sure it would have ever been.  Everything just fell into place, and we couldn’t help but feel like this space was meant for us.   If there’s anything we’ve learned in this life, it’s that there’s no reward without risk.  And I think this might be our biggest risk yet.  The last few months have been a mix of excitement, nervousness, encouragement and fear.  One day I am so excited about what the future might look like for us and our family, and the next I am terrified of it just not working and loosing everything we’ve invested in.   But I am doing my best to let go of the fear and hold on to the hope of the possibility of this being the best thing that’s ever happened to us.  We envision this not only being a place where we sell products from brands and artisans that we love and stand behind, but also developing Lone Flag as a vertical brand in 2014. So yes, this means designing our very own line!  More than anything, this gets me the most fired up!  Sam having worked in sales for several years, and me having a background in design and merchandising, we feel like we just might make a pretty good team in this.

The idea behind the store is simple:   Well-crafted lifestyle goods built with quality and purpose in mind.  The focus is on the fellas (until I can convince him otherwise! jk) ….premium denim, boots, shirting and outerwear.  And a curated collection of women’s clothes, accessories and home goods from some of our favorite makers.  We have been working around the clock the last week to get the shop presentable with the help of our friend Betsy of SMID, but as most things of importance do, it has taken much longer than expected.  We knew it was crazy to think we could do everything, EVERYTHING, in just 6 weeks….and now that we are about a week away from our planned opening date, we are realizing how crazy that timeline really was!  But we are going to make it work no matter what and we would love to have your support come November!  The shop is located in Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade, Suite D140.   Anyone who is local to SD, we’d love to meet you at our launch party (which I will be announcing the date of soon!).  For now, the best place to follow along with us is on instagram.   Thanks (always) for the love and support!




  1. kelsey from {psheart}

    oh my goodness…so so so exciting! it’s so true that there’s no reward without some risk, and I hope that you two are richly rewarded :) I hope everything falls into place in the next few (crazy) days, and I can’t wait to hear more about it! Now I just need to plan a visit down to san diego to come visit it ;)

  2. cathryn

    Wow!! Sounds like you have been on an exciting journey! For some reason I find your blog so inspirational for me, and really resonates to myself. Me & my husband are going to be turning our lives upside down (again). Taking a huge risk and like you said… when will the time ‘ever’ be right… and its a huge risk, but who knows unless you try!!

    Good luck in your new venture and like always I am looking forward to coming along on the ride with you via your blog.

    If anyone can do it Kelli, you sure can!!!

    If you need any help on your new clothing line, please let me know :)

  3. kelly ann

    So proud of you, friend. It makes me so emotional and inspired to see people go after what they want and make it happen – I love that you guys just went for it, that’s so rad. And brave! I’m rooting for you so hard, and praying for the journey ahead of you – I hope you feel a LOT of support during this time. I can’t wait until I’m well enough to make the trek down there. Would love to see you soon! Big hugs, Kelli. xo.

  4. Kathleen

    Ah, this is AMAZING! It looks so good already and is absolutely the kind of place I love shopping at. Huge congrats to you and Sam. XOXO, Kathleen

  5. Sabina

    Wow, how exciting. Congrats to you guys. Even from those few pics I can tell the space is going to look great! Cool, yet inviting.

  6. Elizabeth H.

    This is such an incredible idea! Everything looks incredible and I love the idea! I’m curious where the name of the shop came from. I love it! I hope that one day, if I ever make it to California, I’ll be able to come and visit! Good luck with the opening!

    • kelli

      Thanks Elizabeth! There is no great story behind the name other than we really liked it! haha. My husband threw around a bunch of ideas and this is the one that stuck and we felt best represented our vision.

  7. Vicky

    Wow the shop, the branding, the products, everything looks amazing. Take pride in your ability to take risks and go for it; it’s a rare quality you should cherish, for sure.

  8. steffy


    i am SO excited for you and sam, you seem like the dream team! his store looks like every mans dream. mens fashion seems to be thriving right now, and men are so much more into small well made goods… i know matt is!

    we are coming up to california in december and renting a VW van to travel around the state! i would love to meet up with you guys!! i will email you closer to the time were coming


    • kelli

      What!!? Steffy! THAT sounds like a dream!! How fun! For sure let me know when you will be in town….I’d love to meet up with you! xo

  9. Anna @ IHOD

    Kelli what a dream! I am so happy for you both and by the looks of it, I would say its going to be successful!
    My husband would have a hay day there. Its right up his alley. Prayers for a successful year!

  10. Betty hansen

    I am beyond excited for you both! Praying for God’s blessing on your new venture!

  11. angel swanson

    Kelli, I am SO excited for you and for Lone Flag! I know it has to be terrifying right now, but I know great things are ahead. I can’t wait to visit this treasure trove of goodies!!! xo

  12. TJ

    Aw, I’m so excited for you! I know this will definitely be a great adventure for your little family! Can’t wait to see what designs YOU come up with :)
    Wishing I was in SD to celebrate and see this beautiful store in person!!
    xo TJ


  13. Brandi

    Kelli this is so exciting! I’ll be in town the 30, 31, and 1st coming up! I hope your grand opening is within these dates or hopefully I can come by! Xo

    • kelli

      YES!! Doors open on Nov.1 but our launch party won’t be until the 7th (maybe, still TBD actually)
      Give me a text when you are in town, I’d love to see ya!

  14. katrina

    Congratulations Kelli and Sam!! This is such an amazing announcement and I could not be happier for the two of you.
    I remember when I first found your gorgeous work on Etsy and somehow stumbled upon your blog and have been hooked ever since. Your work is beautiful and the snippets of Lone Flag look nothing short of what I’ve seen from you in the past. *fingers crossed* to some day meet you and stop by your shop in person!


  15. Kassandra

    Aww so exciting!! The shop looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see more photos & hear about Lone Flag more! So you are going to have a small selection of women’s? Are you going to ship to Canada? :) Praying for you guys!
    <3 Kastles

  16. Charity

    so, so exciting! I just moved to SD and really hope I can make it to the opening–would love to see the shop & get a chance to meet you!

  17. Rachel Kemper

    Hi there! I came across your site/blog and think it’s beautiful! What a lovely new adventure for your family. I wanted to pass along a link to the site of my friends’ showroom in Nashville. You can read their story on their site, but they are a couple who moved to Italy for a few months when their daughter was only 1. They were in search of a new beginning career-wise and after a series of amazing events decided to start designing leather boots and handbags following in the footsteps of the husbands grandfather (Peter Nappi). They launched in 2011 and have created a beautiful line of products, have an incredible space in Nashville, and host events that nurtures community. All without any background in design/shoes etc. They are an example of success as a result of risk and not having everything all planned out perfectly before taking the jump! What’s a leap of faith without the faith part, anyway?! I have an inkling without even knowing you or your husband that you have the beginnings of a pretty great thing. I wish you all the best and lots of fun along the way. I love SoCal so you can bet I will check out the store when I am visiting CA!



  18. Nesha

    For me personally, 90% of the reason why I fall in love with a retail shop is because of its aesthetic and this shop looks like it would have me hooked. I love the hand stamped tags! Everything looks stunning, I’m sure it’ll do so so well for you guys!



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