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Black & Emerald


Cut out boots

Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray


Lovers + Friends dress and BB Dakota leather jacket c/o Dolcetti / Cut Out Boots c/o Choies / Bag – Philip Lim for Target / Sunglasses – Need Supply / Cleo Bib Necklace – UO

I always feel best when I mix something lady-like with something tough.  Dresses like this are my favorite because they are so easy to take from day to night.  Dress it down with combat boots and a leather jacket (always my styling of choice) or throw on some heels for a night out.  Let’s be honest….nights out with a two year old are few and far between.  But when they happen, you better bet I am busting out the heels!

Can someone tell me where October went!? All of a sudden it’s 10 days until Halloween and I haven’t given one thought to a costume for Rylee this year.  I blame it on the Lone Flag madness….but it’s a pretty epic fail if you ask me.  One of the reasons why I love having a blog is because I can look back on past holidays like this and laugh about what I was thinking, what we wore, and what we looked like….mostly, what Rylee looked like.  Gosh how much she has changing in just one year!  At one month old we dressed as cave people, at one year we were swans, and year two…..well, this one is going to get real last minute crafty I am sure!  Don’t hold your breath people ;)

Photos by Jackie Wonders

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I feel like it’s the beginning of a whole new life for us.  Since our very first date, I knew one of Sam’s dreams was to open up his own retail shop .  It’s been 6 years since then, and I feel like all of his jobs prior have prepared him for this day.  It’s not something we intentionally pursued at first….opportunities arose, ideas were sparked, and one month later we were signing a lease for a space we had once only dreamed about.  The timing wasn’t perfect, but yet, I’m not sure it would have ever been.  Everything just fell into place, and we couldn’t help but feel like this space was meant for us.   If there’s anything we’ve learned in this life, it’s that there’s no reward without risk.  And I think this might be our biggest risk yet.  The last few months have been a mix of excitement, nervousness, encouragement and fear.  One day I am so excited about what the future might look like for us and our family, and the next I am terrified of it just not working and loosing everything we’ve invested in.   But I am doing my best to let go of the fear and hold on to the hope of the possibility of this being the best thing that’s ever happened to us.  We envision this not only being a place where we sell products from brands and artisans that we love and stand behind, but also developing Lone Flag as a vertical brand in 2014. So yes, this means designing our very own line!  More than anything, this gets me the most fired up!  Sam having worked in sales for several years, and me having a background in design and merchandising, we feel like we just might make a pretty good team in this.

The idea behind the store is simple:   Well-crafted lifestyle goods built with quality and purpose in mind.  The focus is on the fellas (until I can convince him otherwise! jk) ….premium denim, boots, shirting and outerwear.  And a curated collection of women’s clothes, accessories and home goods from some of our favorite makers.  We have been working around the clock the last week to get the shop presentable with the help of our friend Betsy of SMID, but as most things of importance do, it has taken much longer than expected.  We knew it was crazy to think we could do everything, EVERYTHING, in just 6 weeks….and now that we are about a week away from our planned opening date, we are realizing how crazy that timeline really was!  But we are going to make it work no matter what and we would love to have your support come November!  The shop is located in Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade, Suite D140.   Anyone who is local to SD, we’d love to meet you at our launch party (which I will be announcing the date of soon!).  For now, the best place to follow along with us is on instagram.   Thanks (always) for the love and support!



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Military Vest c/o Black Swan / Metal Buckle Cut Out Boots c/o Choies / Necklace c/o St. Eve Jewelry / Rings c/o The English Rose / Sunglasses – Need Supply

You know things have gotten crazy when I don’t blog or instagram in over 4 days! Yikes, it’s been hectic around here the last few weeks getting prepared to open our doors at Lone Flag.  Website building, LA Market Week, light installations, flea markets, emails upon emails…..we’ve been all over the map it seems but we are inching our way closer to launch day and getting more and more excited by the minute.  I know I still have yet to fully explain the who, what, when, where and why regarding this retail space that Sam and I are opening, and I plan to….but I’m saving that for tomorrow! :)

Today’s post is about my undying love for cut out boots and military jackets.    Two things I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of.  Anything that reminds me of my fantasy Balenciaga boots makes my heart skip a beat, and these boots by Choies did just that.  I think I’ve found a new fall staple.  Looking forward to styling this Black Swan military vest for the colder weather too. Come on Fall, we are waiting…

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The last leg of our home tour : the bedroom.

My favorite part about this space is probably the wallpaper behind our bed.  Busy wallpaper usually really scares me.  But I fell in love with this charcoal lace print by Louis Body and thought it’d make the perfect statement.  I decided to hang some antlers (I know, I have far too many) alongside some vintage metal letters that I painted a gritty white (XO!).  Our bedding is from Anthropologie, the hand crocheted throw is from Namolio, and our pillows are from Bookhou and Z Gallerie.

The dresser also has a fun story in that it’s grown up with me.  I’ve had it since I was 10 and have moved it into every apartment and condo I’ve ever lived in.  We painted and distressed it in white and switched out the knobs with prettier ones.  It’s amazing what a little paint and hardware can do.  The wood behind our tv was the creative idea of my husband.  For a solo art show I did several years ago, Sam built me a ton of these reclaimed whitewashed wooden back drops to display my art on.  I loved them so much, I didn’t want to just throw them away after the show was over. So we saved them in our garage for over a year before Sam came up with the idea to use them as a backdrop for our television.  I just love the way it came out.  Overall, our bedroom is pretty thrifty….but I like that a lot of the pieces have a story or a memory tied to them.

Photos by Jackie Wonders


Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray

 The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week in 2013

harem pants c/o Little Norts / shirt – Nico Nico / knitted hat – Zara

It’s finally feeling a little like fall around here.  It actually rained today and Rylee and I splashed around in the puddles outside of our house.  We love it when it rains.  We also got our first “hot” drinks of the season.  Pumpkin spice for me, hot chocolate for Ry.  It was a good day.

Rylee officially started pre-school last week.  As much as I was prepared for it, I never imagined the flood of emotions that would come over me as I left that place.  Letting go of her hand and having her look up at me with those sad eyes.  I knew exactly what she was thinking and I hated it.  This tiny girl of mine….she’s everything.

I know it will be good for her….I know it will be good for me….but man, it was a lot harder than I thought.  2 days a week….we can do it.  I keep telling myself it is just a season and in a few months things will get back to “normal”.  With our shop launch quickly approaching, Sam and I have been going non-stop.   We knew a few days of help during this busy season would be the best for everyone…but it breaks my heart into a million pieces to see her cry every time I drop her off at school.  It’s one thing leaving her with grandma….it’s another thing to leave her with people she is unfamiliar with (despite how great I know they are!)  I’ve heard it’s about a 2-3 week break in process before they start to get in the groove of things and start to enjoy it.  The teachers keep telling me she is doing great for her first time, but I know she still doesn’t want to be there.  She wants me…she wants her familiar routine, her own crib to nap in, her baby dolls and her sponge bob show.  I can only hope she builds some relationships and grows to really love it there.  I know she will, it will just take some time.  And right now, we are both just trying to get used to it.