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#FBF to 4 and a half years ago, a few months before Sam and I tied the knot.  It feels like centuries ago that these photos were taken (and it looks like it too! ….a few wrinkles later…)  SO much has changed in our lives…we got married, changed careers, welcomed a baby…we’ve fought, we’ve celebrated, we’ve cried….we’ve had some high highs and some low lows….but here we are….still together.  Still in love.  More today than the day before….and more than every day before that.

Life is funny.  Love is funny.  Growing up you expect it be this fairy tale.  And I suppose in the beginning it sort of is.  But after all the butterflies and first dates, you are only left to discover the person, the heart.  And you realize that love takes work, sacrifice and effort.  It’s worth every bit of it….but it’s certainly not the cake walk my 20 year old self expected.  When I first met Sam I told my sisters I was just not sure….I mean, he was great….he was just “too pretty”.  I knew those guys, and they were always trouble.  But not Sam.  I quickly fell in love with his heart…his love for people, his generosity, his sense of humor, his desire to serve, his creativity, and yes, that smile.  There were also things about him that drove me nuts, and trust me, vice versa.  But more than those things there was a true honest love that neither of us could deny.  We knew we had found it in each other….and we promised to make it forever.  Four years after saying I do, I feel like there are still things I am learning about him, about us….and what makes us tick as a couple.  You think you know all of those things before you get married and that is so far from the truth.  Everyday I am learning.  Learning how to be a better person and a better partner to him.  I wouldn’t replace the fights and the hard times for anything….because they’ve only made us stronger and love deeper.  I think when we are old and grey we will still be finding ways to grow in our relationship.

Through everything, I know that I have his love and support.  He’s on my side and I’m on his and we will always fight for each other in any circumstance.  We are partners in raising a little life together and that has been more bonding than anything.  It’s good to have someone you can always trust, someone who makes you feel safe and protected.  That’s Sam to me.  I’ve been lucky to have 4 years with this man and I hope I am lucky enough to have 80 more.  Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

It’s always this time of year that I like to re-watch this video that our friend Russell put together for us to show on our wedding day.  Click through to watch the video if you want to…..

KELLI SAM WED FINAL-H.264 from Kelli Larson on Vimeo.


  1. Candice williams

    That is the best video Kelli! You guys were such adorable kids and you are both total babes now. The perfect couple. I wish you many more years of love and happiness together!!!

  2. Coley Kuyper

    This was so sweet to read Kelli! I love what you’ve said about the picture of marriage and how its constantly a learning curve. I couldn’t agree more. Its sad, but I think its rare in are world today to see marriages that choose to love and learn through the hardest times. But its only through that that we’re able to experience the deep love that we’re meant to… and isn’t that the best part!?! I think there’s nothing greater or more sacred than this gift God has given us through marriage. Thank you for you honesty in it and sharing it with us so that others can be influenced by your relationship too. So so sweet.

  3. Raven

    Happy Anniversary! Love how realistic, yet in love you guys still are. An inspiration in this crazy world. Here’s to 40 more amazing years for you two!

  4. Giulia Carraro

    The cutest video i’ve ever seen, you guys were and still are so cute together! Congratulations Kelli and Sam, I wish all the best for you two, cause you deserve! Rylee is so lucky to have you two as her parents.


  5. Courtney

    Congrats! This whole post was so adorable…but man, that video! How precious. What a great thing to have for years to come. And you both are lucky that you have so much footage from your childhoods!

  6. Elaine Gail

    Hi Kelli.! I really like your blog and I think you are a wonderful artist:). The photos in this post are great! Congratulations on your fourth year anniversary! Marriage is such a beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. You are so blessed to have each other. I wish you all the best and lifetime full of love for each other.

  7. Laura

    Your video is so cute ! Photos and videos are precious memories for you and your daughter. I wish you a beautiful anniversary :)
    Laura, a French reader :)

  8. Alena

    Happy Anniversary! You have the sweetest wedding video and the most beautiful pictures! May you be blessed with a long and beautiful life together =filled with more love, memories, and adventure!



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