A few weeks back we worked with our super talented friends Alex and Alejandra on a branding video for Lone Flag.  They are dream team of cinematography and art direction, and we were so lucky to collaborate with them on this project.  They did such an amazing job capturing the space and our heart behind it.    We feel really blessed to have this footage to look back on and remember this time in our lives. Sam wrote a bit more in depth about his story with the shop and his purpose and vision behind it over on the Lone Flag blog .

We also have finally launched our online shop!  We are just at the beginning stages of this journey and appreciate all the support we can get!  Every visit and purchase means so much to us!  I am so proud of Sam for diving into this dream head first, but now we are just at the mercy of shoppers!  So get your shop on!  We’ve got some great holiday gift items for you or (mostly!) your guy.  Assuming it’s pretty much all ladies reading this! ;)  I know first hand how hard they are to shop for and I’d like to think we’ve got you covered!  We plan to fill the store with a lot more product in the coming months as well (specifically in the women’s category).  Baby steps though.  Hope you’ll take a peek!

lfshop lfweb

 I worked hard alongside JG Designs on the development Long Flag’s website.  We worked together on the design and development of my own site a few months back as well.  If you are interested in having us create a custom website for you or your business, feel free to email me!  We are open to taking on more projects.


  1. Constanze Linnea

    So great! I loved watching your journey from far away through the blog and instagram. Praying for the best years, best experiences and God`s blessing over your fam and lone flag!

    i will definetly share the page of the online shop and hopefully you`ll get some orders from germany! :)

  2. Coley Kuyper

    So many things about this are inspiring, but mostly that you two are actually living out your dreams and passions, even when it means huge risks are involved. I love following along your journey. I get stuck a lot of times wondering if pursuing my dreams is really something worth while or if it will pay off in the end. The comparison game takes over too often and i hate it. But watching you through the years continues to inspire me over and over. And through your journey I’m reminded that the passions God has given us are real and worth more than what we can imagine. I have loved seeing where yours have taken you. I hope to make it to the store someday (and hopefully get to meet you too ;)) Thank you for sharing with us Kelli.

    • kelli

      Thanks for making my day Coley! So kind and encouraging! I hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving…..hope you are enjoying that new little babe of yours!

  3. Kassandra

    Aww so proud of you guys! The video is perfect, I love that Rylee is in it! Can’t wait to check out the shop’s website :)
    <3 Kastles


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