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The 52 Project – a portrait series of my daughter, once a week in 2013

Peter Pan Collar top c/o Wren and James //  Headband c/o Oh Cozy Knits

I snapped these photos this weekend before Rylee came down with the worlds worst cold.  It was a beautiful Sunday.  One of those 80 degree December days that make me thank the heavens I live in San Diego.  Sometimes we wish for snow….but most of the time, we are just really glad to have the warmth.  Since we opened the shop….the weekends belong to just Rylee and I.  It’s been an odd thing to get used to….not having dad around.  But I am trying to make the most of it with Rylee.  A lot less computer time, and a lot more adventuring with my girl.  We headed down to the beach and watched the sun set together.  There is not much else that is more beautiful to me than seeing the skies turn a brilliant pink and watching the sun dip below the waterline.  And then to watch it through Rylee’s eyes…so filled with wonder and excitement.  Kids make everything more magical don’t they?

But yesterday was a different story.  Lots of tears and consoling, runny noses and pedia care.  Here’s to better days ahead.


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