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Merry Christmas friends.  Remembering the things that are most important in this life.  Family, friends and the love of our heavenly father.

Thankful for these two people that fill my heart with more love than I ever thought possible.

Photos by Studio Castillero



  1. Kim

    Merry Christmas these are wonderful photos! I especially love the one of her by herself in the chair reminds me of Max from where the wild things are :)

  2. mary beth

    Hey there! I pinned the image of your little one in the chair yesterday morning and loved it. Then I was on Casey Leigh today and popped on over from one of her links and voila`! Your daughter in the chair. So cute!!! And I have to ask….where is the chair from?

  3. bec

    thanks for such a lovely blog – i only started following you this year (2013 that is) and love your style, your illustrations and seeing your pics. Your family look like you are having such a lovely time, it puts a smile on my face. Hope you all had a lovely christmas/holiday and have a brilliant 2014.


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