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Kelli Murray


Kelli Murray

Karen Lace Tee // Modern Vice Boots // Spellbound Statement Necklace c/o St. Eve

We had friends in town this weekend and they were laughing at how we were calling this our “winter”.  Apparently it’s been a pretty brutal winter most everywhere else in the country (sorry for those of you stuck in the cold!).  For us,  it’s been one of the warmest winters in years.  Sometimes I find myself complaining about how warm it is for this time of year….but then I realize how silly I sound.  I think we definitely got the good end of the deal.  There is no need for complaining when you can have a beach day in January, right?

Anyway…I’ve found myself gravitating to basics lately.  Black, white and grey seem to be my colors of choice most mornings.  Usually with a pop of color on my lips or as an accessory.  Maybe it’s just a phase….or maybe I’m morphing into a more boring (or classic) dresser….whichever way you prefer to look at it.  I’m owning it for now, but a few months down the road I may be craving pattern and color again.  It all seems to go in waves for me most of the time!


  1. Mackenzie Mancuso

    Those shoes are so cute. I love the girly top as well! Black, white, and grey are my colors of choice as well. (Usually black..)

    xoxo, Kenzie

  2. Corinne Alexandra

    I’m obsessed with those boots of yours! Ha, and I know exactly what you mean about complaining about the heat. We went up to the Rose Bowl Flea yesterday in Pasadena and it was overcast for most the day, then suddenly the sun came out and we were all whining about being hot! We San Diegans sure are spoiled. ;)

  3. Candice williams

    Love this outfit so much! I always wear too much grey and black too but it’s my favorite :)



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