The Coatigan
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Coatigan – H&M  //  Hat c/o Oh Cozy Knits  //  Vixen Jean c/o True Religion  //  Shirt & Lonny Boot c/o Madewell

My new obsession:  The “coatigan”

Unfortunately (and fortunately) it’s still bloody hot here in San Diego so layering is more of a fashion statement than a necessity.  HOWEVER, there have been a few days this winter that have qualified as ‘sweater weather’, and on those days, you better believe I take full advantage.  And have I mentioned I love a good cone head beanie?

Here’s a round up of my favorite ‘coatigan’ styles:



  1. Bailey

    I am in love with that Free People one on your round up. I’ve been eyeing it for weeks. I just might have to take the plunge!



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