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De Capelo Tank c/o All About Eve // Bracelets c/o Threads by The Shine Project // Dress – Urban Outfitters (similar) //  Chloe Boot via Lone Flag

I know I’ve been totally MIA around here lately! Sorry for that.  I’ve found myself in a season of slowing down lately.  Taking my New Year’s resolutions seriously and carving out more time for ME.   Of course, I knew it would come at the expense of something, and that something has turned into social media and this blog.  I’ve got to be honest, it’s felt really good to unplug a bit.  There are times when I am so inspired to blog and want to do it everyday, and there are also times when I feel like I am manufacturing a post just to get something up for the week.   Instead of putting pressure on myself the last few weeks, I’ve decided to accept where I’m at.  To embrace the time with my family, to get more rest, and to finally start working on a big personal project I’ve been meaning to get to for what feels like forever now.

Sam and I decided to sneak away for a few days to Palm Springs this weekend.  We left the babe with Grandma and threw our swimsuits in the car.  Usually, that’s about all you need in Palm Springs.  I tend to like vacations where I never need to leave the resort!  It was a great breather for the both of us.  A little sun, great food, and a lot of rest.  Now if only we could figure out how to do this monthly! :)

And I wanted to talk about these bracelets I’m wearing for a minute…..

Ashley is the inspirational lady behind The Shine Project.  I’m so inspired by her story and her desire to make change in the world.  She recently launched a new company, Threads, to further her mission of helping at risk youth.  With each purchase, it helps give these kids a job which in turn helps them pay their way through college.  You can learn more about The Shine Project and their scholarship project here.  Definitely something to get behind and support!


  1. Frances

    Unplugging from social media definitely can feel good at times! Awesome outfit, those prints look lovely.

  2. Brooke

    This makes me miss my vacation in Palm Springs last Spring! You look great – perfect outfit for the dessert!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • kelli

      Thanks Brooke! It’s by far our favorite vacation spot! (and so close to home which makes it nice for a quick getaway!)

  3. Kim

    glad you are taking more time for you :)
    love the skirt and that’s really awesome about the bracelets I will have to check it out :)

  4. Tasha

    Kelli! You do this look so well! It’s perfect! So glad to hear that you are managing to find some time for yourself and to slow things down. From what we see here on the blog, it always seems that you have something going on. Which is great, but so is finding time to let go and breathe. xo

  5. margherita

    Dear Kelly I noticed you like me have super productive period and period where you would like to run away. I hope from the heart you’ve found that balance that you deserve. The bracelets are great, they are three joined together? I also have a dream (helping helpless animals)

  6. farah liyana

    Beautiful outfit, The skirt that your wearing is very similar to the traditional native cloth in my country called ‘Batik’ from Malaysia, and how it was styled is how I would if I were pairing it with the traditional top called the ‘kebaya’.xx



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