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Madewell Holiday Event
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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to host a holiday event at the new Madewell store in UTC mall.  We’ve been vying for a location to open up down here for a while….and alas, wish came true.  I handed out free cards as a gift with purchase, and also created some mini prints of some of my favorite holiday items in-store.  We had a blast.  Thanks to Nicole at Bloemhill for beautifying my table, and thanks to Jackie Wonders for snapping these photos!

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Silver Goddess Necklace c/o St. Eve Jewelry / LA Nite tank c/o Free People / Maxi Cardigan – H&M (similar) / Lonny Boot c/o Madewell

My girl Lisa of St. Eve Jewelry just came out with the most amazing new collection called The Grand Bazaar…….and I’m in love.  I’m wearing the Silver Goddess statement necklace.  I love it dressed down with a simple white tank, but it’d also be great dressed up with your favorite little black dress.  Perfecto!

Well, the realization that the holidays are over has finally hit.  No more tree or lights or decorations.  No more holiday songs on the radio, people bustling around the mall, or christmas movie marathons on tv.  Christmas candy at the grocery store is all on sale which is about the only positive I can think of at the moment ;)  My birthday, Christmas and New Year’s all crammed into just a couple short weeks always leaves me with an abrupt sad goodbye.  But my resolutions are forefront in my mind, so there is lots to look forward to and strive for.

Welcome to the first Monday of 2014!

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Bridge & Burn top via Lone Flag // Modern Vice Chloe boot / black denim c/o PacSun / hat – thrifted

Well, this 2014 resolution thing is already off to a good start.  I ran (*note – is was not pretty) for 2 consecutive days, Ry and I had a beach date yesterday, and I’ve had very little computer time.   That will change come monday, but I’m feeling a little bit lighter already :)

If you haven’t heard of Bridge & Burn, they are a favorite of ours over at Lone Flag.  This top, along with a handful of others, is available in store only.  These modern vice boots however, are online for the taking.  I literally have worn them everyday for about two weeks now.  The absolute perfect everyday boot in my opinion.  Also, the good guys over at Korus whipped up a pretty amazing re-cap video of Lone Flag’s grand opening party back in November that we just got our hands on.  Check it out here.


photo by Stone Crandall


I think i’ve learned more from you than any year prior.  More about who I am, who I am not, and who I want to be.  In a lot of ways, it’s been a tough year for me.  I’ve struggled to find my balance, I lost my second baby in April, Sam left a secure job and a consistent paycheck to chase his dream of owning his own business (which I whole heartedly supported),  for the first time I’ve battled real debilitating anxiety, had a few health scares, and overall, have been left feeling like nothing I do is quite right.  Don’t get me wrong…there has been a whole lot of good mixed in there too.  But if I am completely honest….there has never been more that I want to change.  As I look back, we had many victories and many challenges…it’s been our year of high highs and and low lows…..and in regards to the state of my heart, this year has felt heavy.  I’m ready to leave it behind and move on.

Over the last few days, I’ve thought a lot about the ways in which I want to live differently this year and the word that kept coming back to me was BREATHE.  Not necessarily in the physical act of breathing, though that plays a role as well….but more as a lifestyle.  More than anything, allowing myself to slow down and live in the present instead of always looking ahead to what is next.  I need to trust in God’s plan for me and not fall into the rabbit hole of ‘what if’.  Not everything is in my control, and I want to learn to let go (breathe), and be ok with the unknown.  I want to intentionally pursue the things that are life giving to me.  Getting outdoors, discovering ways to better love my husband, going on more adventures with my daughter, spending more time by the ocean, more time with God, serving, exercising and strengthening my body… all ways, learning the breathe.  I don’t want my work and my inbox to rule my life (as it so often feels) and I certainly don’t want social media or technology to get in the way of real conversations and interactions.

One thing I have always, always, struggled with is taking care of myself and focusing on my own needs….physically and emotionally.  It feels strange to even write that because in some ways it feels selfish.  But so far, not giving myself what I need hasn’t done anyone a favor.  I hope that this year I can flip it around.  It’s always easier said that done, and I am still trying to figure out a realistic plan for accomplishing some of these goals…..but I am determined to make a change.

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste the food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep.  Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell.  And when you get angry, get good and angry.  Try to be alive.  You will be dead soon enough.  – Ernest Hemingway

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