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Bag c/o Nena & Co // Boots – Modern Vice  //  Shorts – Minkpink  //  Top – Madewell //  Jacket – Forever21 (similar)  //  Sunglasses – Karen Walker

This bag.

Diaper bag, tote, carry-on, beach bag….it kind of serves all.  An in my opinion, a versatile bag is always the best bag.

Nena & Co. creates the most beautiful hand crafted bags out of  traditional huipils from the Maya Culture in Guatemala.  Once a top or a dress, these fabrics are repurposed to serve as the exterior of the bags, laced with hand cut leather to make them more durable for everyday use.  It’s a perfect combination of history and fashion.  And the very best part is that with the purchase of a Nena & Co. bag, you’re helping to provide freedom from poverty for the beautiful, hardworking women of the Maya highlands.  I love the foundation and heart of this company, and the quality and beauty of the bags really speaks for itself.

Nena & Co. is generously giving away a day bag (of your choice) to one lucky reader!  Just follow the prompts below to enter!  A winner will be chosen on Friday, Feb. 7th.

ALSO, they are offering 20% off all bags with the code VDAYLOVE as well as free shipping using code KELLI

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  1. Anna-Marie Donnelly

    Why haven’t I seen these gorgeous bags before? Thank you!! My favourite is the CHELO HUIPIL DAY BAG – just perfect!

  2. jenny owen

    wow that was a had choice…was looking though them for aaggges! Btut i think Josephina hupil caught my eye the most!

  3. Katherine Teff

    I love the Catalina Huipil weekender bag the best, but they are all vibrant and guaranteed to lift spirits in this drab new year.

  4. emily omara

    NATALIA HUIPIL WEEKENDER BAG – would be perfect for a weekend away/flight bag! the colours are so tropical!

  5. Lynda Dsouza

    Lovely bag, and great blog Kelli. I drop in nearly every day to see what you have been upto. And love your blog colors and layout very much – something very calming about it.

  6. tamalyn roberts

    very hard to choose so it would have to be one of these 3


  7. Candice williams

    Ok, my favorite is the Peppi, though it was really hard to decide. I think I looked through the bags for a good hour and still had a hard time deciding because they are all so beautiful! I have long admired her bags but never actually looked at all of them on the site and now I’m obsessed! Hoping so much I win! I’m in the weird in between diaper bag and personal bag stage so this would be perfect for me!!!

  8. Emily

    Ooh, these bags are so beautiful and look like they’d last a lifetime! Love the story behind them as well. My favorite is the OLGA HUIPL CAFE DAY BAG! So vibrant and gorgeous!

  9. Carr Ine Chung

    The bags are all so lovely, it’s so hard to choose! But if I had to choose, I’d go for the Dante Huipil Day Bag. :D

  10. Megan

    I love all of them! This would be great for me to use as a diaper bag for my 2 year old and 2 month old!

  11. Tara Riccio

    these are so beautiful. i’ve been wanting one of her bags for a while! i love them all – especially the paulina and eloisa

  12. Cortney Blomstrom

    I am pregnant with baby #2 and I would LOVE to have the CHRISTINA HUIPIL WEEKENDER to use as a diaper bag!

  13. Alexa Neri

    These bags are all amazing but I couldn’t take my eyes off the AUGUSTINA HUIPIL WEEKENDER BAG, simply love it!

  14. Jess

    Love the Lola cross body tote! I’m in the stage of life where it would be used daily as a diaper bag.

  15. Marcela Giron

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!! I’ve been wanting one of her daybags for ages now! I just love it!
    My absolute favorite is the Amelia Huipil Daybag.

    The colors, the style, the pattern, everything is just perfect. I really hope I win!

  16. Rebecca Robinson

    All of the bags are absolutely beautiful! I love the print and uniqueness each one has and the fact that it’s supporting a great cause! My favorite one is the Aroroa Huipil Day Bag.

  17. Caitlan

    All of the bags are crazy gorgeous!! I’m super in love with the evita huipil day bag! So amazing.

  18. Hope Aeron Bautz

    These bags are stunning! My favorite is ELIOSA HUIPIL DAY BAG! I adore the mix of tribal, floral, and bright colors!
    So stylish and lovely. I would love to use this over the summer at my internship and everyday! I can already see the outfit options! This would be such a blessing!

  19. Coley Kuyper

    I love the this!! And I’m totally in need of a new diaper bag so that would be perfect!! And I love the idea behind the making of cool. Thanks for sharing Kelli!

  20. Courtney

    These bags are one of a kind! What an amazing way to recycle such beautiful fabrics. Definitely an eye turner!

  21. Libby

    Hard to chose my favorite Day Bag! Love em’ all! But the Sierra Huipil Day Bag especially caught my eye!

  22. Jessica

    in love with all these designs! Definitely would use this as a diaper bag :)

  23. Banlin

    I’m Guatemalteca! And I love the Peppi day bag, it reminds me of a wrap my abuelita used to carry me around in on her back when I was little! :)

  24. KELSEY

    Realllly tough to pick a favorite but I’d go with the Ivanna Huipil Day Bag! Great Giveaway, love that you’re giving Nena & Co. some much deserved exposure!!

  25. Kristin

    They’re crazy pretty!!!! Can’t even decide, but my favorite would be the ELIOSA HUIPIL DAY BAG, but with the dark brown straps :)

  26. Rebecca Richardson

    I love the Flora Hupil day bag. The tan strap is gorgeous and it’s a really original and eye catching design. I love them all! But that one is definitely my favourite :)

  27. Jaime Brennan

    Absolutely beautiful each and every one of them. Although it’s so hard to choose, my favorite is the Alba Huipil Day Bag. It’s incredible what these woman are doing…I would buy one in an instant if I had an extra chunk of change laying around to support their wonderful cause.

  28. Coral

    I love the Pabla Huipil Weekender bag with the autumn colors! All of them are beautiful! I have really been enjoying the trend to wear the wonderful handiwork from around the world.

  29. Katie

    These are gorgeous! I’ve been hunting for a versatile day/travel bag! Love the CARLA HUIPIL DAY BAG, but they’re all fantastic.

  30. nellie

    This is such a cool giveaway! I love when you have giveaways for really beautiful things that help a cause

  31. Tori

    What a fun bag! I love the size and detailing. My favorite bag of theirs is theZwani Huipil Crossbody Tote, it’s a weekend bag. Thanks!

  32. Heather j

    It’s so hard to choose but I think I’d choose the Alba bag! This is an amazing giveaway, I hope I win!

  33. Jessica

    I’m dying for one of these bags! I keep looking at them but I am indecisive and right when I think I’ve finally decided, the ones I want have sold out. They are gorgeous and I will have one one day :-)

  34. Elle W

    These bags are absolutely beautiful and I love how they support the women in Guatemala by providing jobs for their community. The colors are fun and vibrant. I really love all the eccentric patterns and colors on each bag but if I had to choose my favorite it would have to be the Lupe Huipil Day Bag!

  35. callie b.

    oh goodness! i have had my eye on her bags for ages! love the CARLA HUIPIL DAY BAG! Absolutely adorable! xo

  36. Raina jernigan

    I love all of the bags! But, if I had to choose one, it would probably be the OLGA HUIPL CAFE DAY BAG!!!

  37. kellyhicks

    I of course love the KAREN HUIPIL WEEKENDER but it’s sold out! I would really cherish any of them though – sooo pretty and it could double as a diaper bag ;)

  38. Shelbee Cortes

    It is so hard to choose! I at least narrowed it down to two, but trust me even that was difficult. The Isa or the Teresa are probably my faves, even though I could have another one. Hehe

  39. Stephanie Whitehouse

    So hard to pick just one! The CICI HUIPIL WEEKENDER is high on the shortlist.

  40. Marcella

    Good on Nena&co ,the concept is so worthy and yet producing exceptional gorgeous colourful bags, and it makes me want to visit Guatemala ! Tough decision… So I think Paulina Huipl day bag is the one I’d go for!

  41. Tori

    You look amazing in this outfits – monochrome stripes and denim always work so perfectly together :)

    You are making it tough for us because Nena&Co spoil us with their beautiful designs. However, if I had to pick one, I think it would be the Amelia Huipil Day Bag – there’s something about those purples that keep drawing me in!

    Here’s the link!

    And thank you for the competition, Kelli!

  42. Paula Harvey

    Wow!! These bags are so unique and pretty – trying to choose just one was a task – I think my fav is the IMELDA HUIPIL DAY BAG, I just love the pretty flower pattern! :D

  43. Janet Rumley

    Wonderful bags – after much deliberation, my favourite is …….. MELODIA HUIPIL WEEKENDER

  44. Maria Jane Knight

    I love,love,love these bags! They are all beautiful! But i’am swaying towards the FLORA HUIPIL DAY BAG

  45. damian standring

    i like the day bag in the photos above …. not for me for my wife you understand!!

  46. Emma

    Ohhh! Such beautiful bags! Im especially loving the Presta Huipil weekender bag… but they’re really all amazing! A very cool giveaway.

  47. Eulalia

    Fantastic business idea! ALL of the bags put a smile on my face – particularly loving the Aina and Teresa bags!

  48. Mel Kay

    As a mother of twin toddler boys a bag like this would be ridiculously useful!! Swooning over the DANTE HUIPIL Day Bag but would enjoy each and every single one of them.

  49. rachel

    What an awesome bag! We’re expecting our first this year and I could definitely use it to carry around all of baby (and mama’s) accessories for the day!

  50. Hannah Smith

    My favourite bag is the EVITA HUIPIL DAY BAG.
    Reminds me of my man <3

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter.

  51. Missy Perez

    LOVE all their bags so its so hard to choose a favorite but I think I love the GENEROSA HUIPIL DAY BAG the most. Colors and pattern are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such an awesome company and brand : ) Hope I win!!

  52. Karen R

    I love the Alta Huipil Tote – but there are so many bags there that I would be very happy to own :)

  53. Michelle

    Well, I love the one you’re carrying and also the Alba Huipil Day Bag. Actually, I’d take any one of them! The patterns are great!

  54. Amber

    I like so many of the bag prints, gosh it’s hard to choose! One of my favorites is the OLGA HUIPL CAFE DAY BAG. Thanks so much! :)

  55. Lina H

    side note: I’m so inspired by your art work.. made me to want to paint again.
    Nalda day bag is my pick – amazing bags!

  56. Katrin

    Oh so perfect when I just search for the perfect bag to go back to study design!
    Love the AMADA HUIPIL DAY BAG <3

  57. shawnee

    i have been admiring these bags for a long time…i have a very similar vintage one that has definitely been worn in over the past five years!! i’d love a new one ;) xoxo ps you’re a babe! love this look

  58. Alyce

    Thanks for showing me this great site. I love the bags! My fave is the weekended Danna Sofia Hupil, otherwise the Anita Hupil day bag. Love love love!!

  59. Laura

    All of these bags are just lovely! My favorite is the LUPE HUIPIL DAY BAG, although it’s so hard to pick just one. All of the designs are stunning. What a neat company.



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