DIY friendship bracelets

I thought it’d be fun to create a simple DIY that Rylee could gift her friends on Valentines day.  I decided on braided fabric friendship bracelets.

The only supplies you will need are scrap fabric or yarn (in shades of pink / red preferably) and a pair of scissors.

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Cut your fabric and / or string into three strips.  Two strips should be about 3 inches longer than your child’s wrist diameter, and one strip should be about 5 inches longer.  Knot the shorter strips around the longer strip and braid until you reach the end.  Create another knot at the end.


Tie the long fabric ends together to create the bracelet.  Or, if you are feeling crafty, take apart an old necklace or bracelet that you never wear and repurpose the hooks for this bracelet.


Using heavy kraft cardstock, I cut out several 2.5″ x 4″ rectangles.  I used this as my base to wrap the bracelet around.  I added a white doily heart sticker to the top and  hand wrote each child’s name on the bottom.

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  1. Hannah

    Kelli these are adorable. . I love the rough and tumble boy thing but these are the kinds of things that makes having a girl so fun! Give Rylee a Valentines squeeze from Auntie Hannah.

  2. Porno

    :) It’s a great option to give someone a gift.
    I found it very beautiful and wonderful. Definitely loved it!



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