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Have you guys checked out the new A Beautiful Mess Photo Actions yet?  If you are an amateur photographer like me, or even a professional, you know what a game changer actions can be.  If you have no idea what an “action” is, let me fill you in.  Actions are simply a series of recorded steps to help a photographer achieve a look without having to manually apply each process.  With a click of a button, you can enrich and enhance your photos in seconds.  Actions are an everyday tool for me in my photo editing and speed up my process tenfold.  If you’ve never given them a try, I’d encourage you to!

I recently got the Complete Collection of actions from the A Beautiful Mess Shop and I was blown away by them.  There are so many options to choose from, depending on the look you are going for.  The Folk Collection has some of my favorite actions which are more moody and bold.  The Fresh Collection gives your photos more of a pop with brightness and color.  And the Signature Collection has some of your every day go-to actions that take your images from flat and dull to vibrant and cheerful.

All of these images of Rylee were edited using the ‘Spring’ action from the Signature Collection.  I also used the ‘Stella’ action (also in the signature collection) on top of the Spring action, but bumped down the opacity to 20% so that action was not too strong.


For this image, I added the ‘sun flare 2’ action that is a part of the Fresh Collection.


  1. elsie

    These are gorgeous Kelli! I’m so excited to see how you use the actions. You’ve totally made them your own. :)

    So pumped about your growing family. Love following your blog!!

  2. Julie Kuberski

    Beautiful use of their actions! I checked them out when they released them, and I can’t wait to purchase them a little down the road. They seem so awesome!

  3. Rebecca

    I’ve heard of so many bloggers gush about these actions and it’s making me want to buy them since every action that I’ve seen from A Beautiful Mess make the photos look superbly beautiful!



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