I recently got the opportunity to work with QUINNY on the launch of their new stroller, the “Buzz Xtra”.  Our old stroller was on it’s last leg, so this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

What I love about this stroller is the modern and functional design.  It was super easy to set up (which was a nice surprise given my first stroller set up experience) and it was simple to familiarize myself in the way it worked.  Opening and closing it is a breeze with it’s unique hydraulic system.  And the large canopy provides great protection from the sun.  There is even an extra drop down visor option zipped into the canopy if you want full sun protection.  Rylee loved this feature because she felt like she was in her “own little tent”.  (she is currently obsessed with tents).   This stroller is geared toward urban and outdoor terrains, so it’s perfect for moms who like to get outside and get adventurous with their kids.  We only managed a neighborhood walk with this first test outing, but I’m excited to use it on trails and more rugged terrains!

Happy to welcome this lady to the fam :)  I’m sure she’ll be getting a lot of love from us, and soon to be new baby too!

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    • kelli

      I’ve only had one other stroller, and in comparison, yes, it’s light. But I’m not sure if it’d be considered “lightweight”? It’s not hard to lift up and put in your car if that helps :)



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