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Hat c/o Rukaa / Shorts – Ace & Jig via Lone Flag / Top c/o All About Eve

My new favorite beanie from Rukaa, a beautiful etsy shop that sells an assortment of hand knit accessories.  It’s the perfect fit and the perfect shade of hazelnut.  If only it weren’t 80 degrees out, i’d be wearing it all the time.

Lone Flag also just got in the new Spring delivery from Ace & Jig.  I can honestly say, I want every piece.  These shorts, and this matching midi dress, are both available in store.  Along with these amazing overalls and this play dress.  (I told you it’s good!)  Get in there (or online) while they last!

Well, baby is almost 15 weeks and I have yet to take a “bump” pic because, well, it’s not that exciting.  It kind of looks like a beer belly at this point… know, the most awkward of stages. This was me at 16 weeks last time, and I am kind of embarrassed that I thought that was a “bump” worth documenting.  Anyway, we find out in three weeks if it’s a boy or a girl and I can hardly wait!  What is your guess….boy / girl!? Sam and I both have a hunch that it will be another girl, but we’d be so happy with a little guy too.


It’s been a while since my Rylee has made an appearance on this blog.  Ever since I stopped the 52 project last year, I’ve been pretty terrible at keeping up with photos of her (big time mom guilt over here).  But we are “teaming up” for this post featuring our tees from the Printed Palette.  I can’t get over Rylee’s “Go ahead, Swoon” tee.  It’s pretty perfect, isn’t it?

Rylee is just over two and a half now, and let me tell you, she has a mind of her own.  Goofy, energetic, stubborn, sensitive, creative and most of the time….pretty darn endearing.  I’ve never been one to put her on a strict schedule or feed her particular foods at particular times of the day.  I am the queen of chicken nuggets and squeezy packs, yes, I said it.  If there is a balance between a regimented over-protective parenting style, and a loose and care-free one,  I definitely fall closer to the latter.  Clearly, there are dangers to either extreme, but i’ve learned over the years of being a momma that you can’t place judgement on the way anyone parents.  I don’t believe there is one “right” way to go about it.  Every child is so different, with unique personalities and temperaments, and I think we all just raise our kids the best way we know how.  I remember years ago cringing at the moms in the grocery store that let their kids wail it out in the middle of the frozen food isle.  But it wasn’t until I was in that same position that I was able to to look at them with grace, understanding and sympathy.  That’s just the way it works though isn’t it?  Judgement comes so naturally until we are faced with something similar and we realize, “oh, that was really hard.”  Anyway, the more life I live the more I am able to appreciate and accept people for where they are at.  Especially moms.  We all have our “stuff” we are dealing with, and if we were all a little more supportive and a little less judgmental, it’d be a much more positive place.  I don’t know how I got onto that whole thread, but I guess it’s just been something I’ve been thinking about / learning lately.

But I meant to do my Rylee re-cap (mostly for my sake, so feel free to skip this!).    She loves to dance and to make us smile.  She tries so hard to do silly things to make us laugh and then proceeds to say “I’m so funny”….in which we always confirm “yes, you sure are Ry.” She is currently obsessed with making tents out of sheets and treating Bam (our cat) like he is her baby (poor guy).  She’s still attached to her binky and only dada can put her to sleep at night.  Sometimes, I come upstairs to check on them and Sam is passed out on the floor in her room because she always asks if he will go nigh night with her.  It always melts my heart.  She loves to eat green beans (weird) and jelly beans (not weird).  She’s outgoing and talkative around people she knows, but she clams up in crowds.  She’s not much of a social girl, she’d rather be building a castle out of blocks or drawing by herself than hanging out with other kids.  (i’m choosing not to worry about this yet! ;) )  She’s an extremely good self entertainer.  She’s absurdly coordinated and I am determined to get her into a tumbling or dance glass before the end of the year!  I know she’d love it.  And she is still my sweet, sensitive girl.  For a two year old, she is very aware of feelings.  If someone gets hurt, she asks if we can help them.  If she sees that I am sad, she snuggles with me and tells me “it’s ok mama”, which obviously makes me cry more.  Her caring heart is one of  the qualities I love most about her.  That and her infectious laugh.  She brings me more joy than anything else in life.

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Crochet Slip c/o Free People / Sandals c/o Matisse / Jewelry c/o Katie Dean / Top – Urban Outfitters

Photos by JOIELALA

Sandals in winter?  Only in California.  Seems that summer’s come early for us with this weather we’ve been having lately.  And that’s no complaint.  I love these simple strap sandals by Matisse.  A few months back I actually had the opportunity to do the rebranding (new logo) for the shoe company (visit their website to check it out).  I love the hand scripted type they ended up choosing and I’m excited to see it applied to their product line going forward!

The jewelry I am wearing is by Katie Dean.  (necklace / bracelet / earrings ).  Lately, I’ve been drawn to more simple and refined jewelry pieces, and Katie has the perfect collection.  But don’t get me wrong, I love a good statement piece every once in a while….and well, she has those too!  It’s as if she was designing with me in mind ;)

And lastly, this dress.  Probably an all time favorite.  I think I might need it in every color.  So simple and easy, pairs with almost anything…..and it’s accommodating to a growing belly. (bonus!)  Speaking of growing bellies….they don’t lie when they tell you your second one pops out faster!  I’m still hiding it pretty well, but it’s a comin!  Just waiting for this sickness to take a hike….

GIVEAWAY: Julia Kostreva 2014 planner
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I’ve got a giveaway for you today from the lovely and talented Julia Kostreva! Julia is a graphic designer and creative director out of San Francisco.  She has her hand in everything from home goods to accessories, fine art to web design.   And today, she is offering one lucky reader one of her beautifully designed 2014 Daily Planners.  Available in your choice of colors: Cream/Gray, Pink/Green, or Painter Striped.  I love the minimal, clean design and typography.  And it allows for plenty of writing space, which is surprisingly not easy to find in a planner.  Never too late to get organized!

To enter to win, simply follow Julia on FACEBOOK and comment below with your favorite style!  A winner will be chosen on Friday, March 7th.

*This giveaway has ended.  Congrats Daniela!  Email me to claim your planner!






If you follow me on instagram, this is old news….but Sam and I are over the moon excited to announce that we are expecting baby #2 in September.  It’s been an interesting….challenging….emotional road after the miscarriage I had last year.  I suppose I should say we are expecting baby #3 because it doesn’t feel fair to not include that loss.  I re-read my entry from that day just before I began typing this one, and all the emotions and tears I felt at that time came flooding back to me.  It still feels like yesterday.  But thank God for new beginnings, for new life and renewed hope.  We waited a little while after the miscarriage to start trying again….but when we did, things didn’t happen as quickly as they did with my other two.  Every silly doubt and fear crept into my head.  I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again, that I wouldn’t be able to give my daughter the sibling that I always wanted for her.  But with a little bit of patience, and a lot of trust, everything played out in God’s perfect timing.  One thing I know is that going through a miscarriage totally spoils the fun of the first trimester with your next baby.  Not that the first trimester is ever very fun (nausea and puking, no thanks) BUT every day for the last 2 months has also gone by painfully slow.  Everyday wondering if something might go wrong.  Counting down the weeks until I get to 12, where supposedly, you are (mostly) in the clear.  But here I am.  I made it.  We made it.  And it’s just now starting to feel real.  I’m preparing  for a fat belly, sweaty summer….and I couldn’t be more excited about that.  Boy or girl, I don’t even care.  I just feel really blessed to be able grow another little Larson in my tummy for the next 6 months.  Here we go again!