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Happy Easter everyone!!  I hope you are all enjoying today with family and friends.  We are spending the afternoon at the beach (surprise surprise) and then back to grandma’s for an egg hunt and a honey baked ham.  Rylee and I were spoiled with these outfits from Tysa Designs last week, and we couldn’t be more in love.  I am wearing the Eagle Dress and Rylee is wearing one of their children’s rompers.  She has honestly never gotten more compliments on an outfit than she has with this one.  I gotta say, we’re pretty smitten too.

We got so lucky with such perfect beach weather this weekend.  We took our new Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller out for a spin  yesterday morning to check the surf and let Rylee play in the water for a bit.  This stroller is a dream.  It’s so compact and easy to use, it makes quick trips like this a breeze.  And a stroller that can tackle the sand is one to be commended.  Below is a quick video that shows you how simple opening and closing this stroller really is!  Gotta love that hydraulic system.  Next on my list is a compatible infant carseat for new baby!


  1. Shawn

    Hi! I’ve been looking for a stroller that actually rolls on sand for two years!! Does this really make it through?

    • kelli

      I don’t think any stroller is easy on the sand. But compared to my old one, this one was way easier. Maybe it’s because of the three wheels…



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