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 Photos by Jackie Wonders

Hackwith x Orn Hansen Exclusive Grey Romper  //  Julia Kostrava Scoop Necklace

Over the last few months Sam and I have gotten to know the good folks behind Orn Hansen, a beautifully curated general store up in Orange County.  It has much of the same aesthetic and brand values as Lone Flag, only infusing more vintage and homeware.  They recently collaborated with one of my favorite current designers, Lisa of Hackwith Design on a few exclusive pieces for their shop.  And this romper is one of them.  It’s  inspired by vintage playsuits from the 1940’s and made in the perfect shade of blue/grey.  The thing I love about Lisa’s designs is their simplicity and versatility.  She sews each piece by hand in her Minneapolis studio and creates less than 25 of each piece, making all of her clothes rare and special.

You can purchase this exclusive Hackwith playsuit HERE.  I know you will love it as much as I do.  And for one week, receive 20% off any purchase at Orn Hansen with code kelli20.

It’s not much longer that I can get away with anything with a waistline, so I am taking advantage of it while I still can! :)  Happy weekend friends!


  1. Emily

    I love that romper and necklace so much! I have been going back and forth about buying their striped collab piece but I’m trying to be good! That code did not help! ;)



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