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Wearing:  Free People Dress  //  31 Bits Necklace


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Free People Dress  //  31 bits necklace111

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Last weekend I got to be a part of a mother’s day inspirational shoot for Free People out on a ranch in Winchester.  Honestly, it was kind of a dream.  Walking around with zebras and holding baby camels.  Rylee was in animal heaven.  Sometimes I think that girl belongs on a farm she loves them that much.  We got to choose from a handful of dreamy Free People dresses, and the kids got styled out by Heather Rome.  (How amazing is Rylee’s dress!?)  31 Bits provided some pretty amazing new beaded necklaces as well.  It was such a great group of talented women that pulled this together.  This was something we probably won’t be able to ever do again, so I am so thankful to have these photos as memories!  At the end of the day, Rylee asked me if she could stay and go nigh night with the Zebras.  I kind of wish I could have told her yes, but the poor girl left in tears.  We haven’t stopped talking about them since.

Photography:  By Amy Lynn Photography (@byamylynn) (Facebook)

Mama’s:  Isobel Benesch of Bel and Beau, Kelli Murray of Kelli Murray, Cassidy June of O My Darlings, and Nikki of Jeador

Styling:  Heather Rome

Hair / Makeup:  1011 Makeup

Set Design:  Amber Thrane

Florals:  Siren Floral Co


  1. Patty

    You and Rylee look awesome!! It is a dream come true! I love animals too!

  2. mariana

    So unique photos I really like that you went outside the box and you created such a unique ambiance for Mother’s day photos. your work is great and so urban… Good job!

  3. Daniella

    Everything looks so dreamy! The dresses are so pretty and the styling is beyond beautiful :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    • kelli

      I actually cant find it on the website. It was brought by a stylist. So I’m not sure if it was just in store only or an older (or brand new) style.
      Sorry I can’t help! I’ve had a few people ask and I can’t track it down :)

  4. Tasha

    This is just too stunning and beautiful! I can’t even find the words. You and Rylee look so wonderful xo

  5. Eri

    Between the time you read this and SC read this, I realized it was only 200 words so I added this is the story of Rylee pagarragh Do you think if I call it December’s Storm, that I can use this pitch? (because of all of them, I have to agree that I think it’s the best ) Everyone who likes this pitch, feel free to answer b/c I’d rather keep the best pitch and change the title as necessary

  6. Stephane

    yay! you got it back quickly I’m sorry I haven’t wrttien I’m having a hard time getting to it and yesterday I focused on the pitch, which is much harder than you’d think How can 250 words be harder that 90 ,000?I’m going to try and finish it today so I can post today or tomorrow And thanks for always finding something to say even when words escape you xoxox

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