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So it’s about that time again!  After we found out we were having a little boy, I decided we ought to sell some of Rylee’s clothes in order to make room for Cru’s stuff.  It was bittersweet going through all of her old boxes from when she was a newborn.  So many memories in each piece of clothing I saved!  I’m not going to lie, there might have been a few tears shed by this hormonal pregnant girl.  Still, I hung on to some of my very very favorites….. in case we are blessed with another little girl one day.  But I still have to part with a lot of items I really love!  While in purging mode, I did the same with my own closet, so there is a lot to look through, for you and your babe.  Baby sizes range from newborn to 2T and most of my clothes are size small or 2/4.  Paypal only / domestic shipping only / no returns.

Visit the shop HERE

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  1. Crissy Flynn

    Darn it. We won’t know if we are having a boy or girl for two more weeks. Should
    I take a gamble? Hehe

  2. Kassandra

    Oh this makes me wish I knew what we were having, but we are keeping it a surprise! haha, cute stuff!
    <3 Kastles



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