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Ace & Jig Ra Ra Zodiac Midi SkirtSALT Pickford Sunglasses / St. Eve ‘Into the Mystic’ Necklace / Am. Apparel Crop Tee

Photos by Jackie Wonders

Have I mentioned lately how much I love a good midi skirt?  Especially this one from Ace & Jig.  I can wear it with almost anything and it’s one of the comfiest pieces I own.  And comfort ranks high on the priority list these days.  Today it was 95 degrees.  Which is pretty miserable when you are pregnant and working out of a house with no AC.  And they say it’s only going to get hotter over the next few days.  I don’t know what’s happening right now  but I sure hope these heat waves and Santa Ana winds don’t last through the entire summer, otherwise I’m in trouble.  I got a call from my mom this afternoon saying she had to evacuate her house because a huge brush fire was a few miles from her and quickly heading in her direction.  Thankfully, the winds shifted and the fire went around her….but it gave us all a good scare.  It’s always strange to think about what you would do if your entire house and everything in it was suddenly gone.  I know it’s just “things”….but it’s also memories.  Items you spent your life collecting.  I guess while other people deal with tornados and storms, we are up against fires and earthquakes.  Mother nature sure is unpredictable.  The only thing that’s worth holding close are the people we love.


  1. Tasha

    Oh my goodness Kelli! This post just gave me the biggest flash backs to the week of Cleo’s birth. I can only imagine that Californian summers are on the same level as Australian summers. We had a heatwave with temperatures in the 40Cs and we don’t have AC either. There were bush fires the weekend after her birth too, and friends of our were hosing down their house in case the winds shifted (highly possible in one of the windiest cities in the world). I guess you will just have to spend all your spare time at the beach ;-) Or invest in a small portable AC, a little relief is better than none. Keep well beautiful xo

  2. Lizette Rosser

    You always looking so wonderful! I also wish I could edit my pictures like you do!! They are so soft and beautiful!
    I always get scared about natural Mother Earth occurrences, I can imagine what your mom just experienced. Glad to hear she is ok. Being in Florida I’m always scared of hurricanes of course ><

  3. Kassandra

    You look so great! I have been having troubles finding skirts that work with this bump. This one is wonderful! I am glad your Mom is okay, I’ll keep her in my prayers. Also I am thinking this is going to be a hot summer for us, haha. I already told the Mr. he might have to install a AC unit in our bedroom, haha. Have a lovely rest of your week :)
    <3 Kastles

  4. Em K

    thank goodness everything with your mom and her home were Ok. No ac in the summer heat? that is tough! Cute outfit, love that necklace :)

    Emmett – Hippie Lace



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