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Kain Porter Dress via Loneflag  /  Peakin Cuff – The 2 Bandits  /  Phoenix Raffia Straw Hat

These might be some of my favorite photos to date taken by my friend / hero Jackie Wonders.  The colors, the building, this dress and the bump hiding underneath.  Just to brag on her a bit, Jackie is one of the most fun, easy going people I’ve ever met.  She has that rare gift of making you actually feel comfortable in front of the camera and is always making me smile.  I’m lucky to call her a good friend, but I’d honestly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in the area.  She really is one of the best.  We’ve been working together over the last few months on giving her website and brand a fresh new look and feel,  and I can’t wait to share it with you all when we are finished!  I never thought I would love web design as much as I do.  I actually never imagined it would be something I ever offered as a designer.  But after creating my own in the beginning of the year, I kind of fell in love with the process and I’ve really enjoyed taking on several more web projects as the months have passed.

I’ve got a really big secret personal project up my sleeve that I have been keeping quiet for quite some time as well….so there will be a lot to share, hopefully really soon!

For now….I’m almost 25 weeks preggo  /  just found out i’m anemic which explains some of why I’ve been feeling so gross  /  craving salty carbs  /   finding it difficult to get out of my pajamas everyday (i know, so soon)  /  struggling with where to create a space for baby boy in Rylee’s tiny room (they will be sharing!)  /  and keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy summer!


  1. Jenni

    These photos are beautiful! I’m loving the breezy look of that dress. I’ll be eagerly anticipating what it is that you have to reveal :)

  2. Sarah

    That dress is fab! Glad you finally figured out what’s wearing you out, in addition to growing a human that is! I’ve also been surprised by a new-found love of web design I’ve been experiencing recently. I always thought I was more of a print designer; fancy paper and pretty packaging kind of stuff, but recently I’ve gotten an equal amount of joy from creating beautiful websites!

  3. Daniella

    Beautiful as always Kelli! I adore the colour pallet and I’m in love with your cuff. I hope you are able to regain some strength soon.

    Take care and wishing you lots of good health,
    Daniella xox



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