Gold & Gray
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Tassel Necklace c/o Gold & Gray  //  Daisy Dress c/o Free People  //  Boots – Madewell

I’ve found myself wearing this Gold & Gray Tassel Necklace with everything.  It’s made of white coral with a turquoise inlaid gold vermeil ball and a taupe leather tassel.  The perfect necklace for summer.  I’ve also been gravitating toward dresses only lately.  Particularly flowy ones like this one.  Pants and I have a love hate relationship right now.  I think it’s about time I lost the rubber band and bought some legitimate maternity pants *sigh.  Baby boy is growing fast and still making me sick…but we are hanging in there :) September will be here in no time.


  1. Kati

    The necklace is beautiful. I have seen it before as a cheap version being sold at the beach in Bali. I liked the design but would have preferred better quality of the material. Yours seems to be exactly that.

  2. Tasha

    You look gorgeous Kelli even if you aren’t feeling it 100% of the time. Maternity pants are soooo comfy. I didn’t get much use out of mine in either pregnancy, but on those days when you just want to mix things up and stay comfortable they are heaven. The Topshop ones are pretty decent in my opinion. Take care xo

      • Tasha

        I ordered some from Asos but returned them as they weren’t very well cut. I went for elasticated waists on pants, shorts and skirts this last time as I found a surprising number of them, and I’d have worn them pregnant or not xo

  3. Jen C

    Sorry you’re still not feeling well. That must be really tough. I reeeeally hope you get some relief SOON. I’m also incredibly impressed with how well you’ve kept up the blog this whole time. When I had all day morning sickness for 9 weeks I couldn’t do anything but throw on a maxi dress, go to work, then come home and go to bed. You are doing the blog, working, and taking care of Rylee on top of everything else you’ve got going on. You are Superwoman.

    And – You look wonderful and that dress looks perfectly comfy.

  4. Nicole

    I’m due this august with my first, I love coming on your blog for outfit inspiration especially since my jeans have decided to not fit me! Sob* Going to have to go on the hunt for some lovely floaty dresses like this one I think.



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