Alexis Russell
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Marrakesh Dress c/o Free People  //  Jewelry c/o Alexis Russell

Third Trimester.  It’s hard to believe I am already here.  I remember this stage so vividly with Rylee, and it literally feels like yesterday.  And now, having her run around my ankles as I am experiencing this miracle all over again…it’s made it hard to keep track of the weeks and milestones…to step back and really soak up everything that my body is doing right now.  He is still constantly reminding me of his presence though, with his quick jabs and rolls.  And not to mention the nausea that I just haven’t been able to kick.  I’ve finally surrendered to the fact that it just might last through this whole dang pregnancy.  But I’ve made it this far, September really does feel just around the corner….and what’s three more months, right?  I just can’t wait to meet him.  Rylee is already so sweet, with her goodnight kisses to my belly and always asking if Cru is “ok”.  Lately she’s been telling me “Cru is getting big momma”.  Yes, yes he is baby girl….haha.

I’ve been living in dresses and easy comfortable pieces like this one.   It’s funny how all attempts at fashion go out the window in exchange for what feels good right now.  I was gifted these beautiful bangles, rings and necklace from Alexis Russell.  They are delicate, minimal everyday pieces that go with everything, from  a casual day look like this one, to night.  Probably my favorite accessories to date.  And brides to be….you really ought to look at her stunning Bridal Collection.  I’m thinking I might have to suggest one of these to Sam as a 5 year anniversary gift ;)


  1. Kim

    You look great! love the dress and the bangles :)
    lol Rylee’s so adorable :) hope the rest of your summer is amazing

  2. Blanca

    You look really chic! Love the bracelets the most.

    Hope the nausea goes away soon. Your daughter sounds like a cutie. :)

  3. Daniella

    I love this dress! The colour is gorgeous and it looks beautiful with delicate simple jewellery. I’m sorry to hear your nausea hasn’t gone yet, though I can’t believe it’s only three months to go. :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. Kathleen

    Oh Kelli, you are stunning. It is going to be so cool to see Rylee instantly transform from a baby herself to a big sister once your little guy is here! Sending you so much love in this last trimester. XO

  5. Christina

    I’ve been following you through the pregnancy and I am looking forward to you feeling better and enjoying the baby! This outfit has such great energy! I just had my first baby a couple of weeks ago. It’s so surreal! I’m already excited to have more! Looking forward to seeing your progress and the baby!!

  6. Kassandra

    I am pretty sure you still look super stylish ! :) I was eyeing up that dress on Free People’s site, looks great on you! And that jewelry is so beautiful! Perfect for summer! Hope you had a nice weekend & Fathers Day :)
    <3 Kastles

  7. Elisabeth

    You are such a beautiful mother! It is going to be so exciting to see Rylee fill in those big sister shoes. You’re almost there!



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