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Northwoods Wisconsin….how we love you.

If you were to ask Sam or I where our favorite place to vacation is, I’m pretty sure both of us would tell you Wisconsin.  It probably seems odd to most people, but to us, those northwoods are filled with the best memories.  Memories we want to pass down to our own kids, and relive through their eyes.  Sam grew up spending his summer’s at his grandparents cabin in Solon Springs, and my sisters and I grew up spending our summer’s at our grandparents cabin in Phelps, WI.  We both have the same nostalgia over those beautiful Northwoods.  Skiing, fishing, fort making, family, good meals and stories around the campfire.  We might be getting older, but those memories are still as fresh as yesterday.  Who knew two kids from California would meet and bond over their love for the cheese state!  But every time we go back, it’s just as wonderful as we remember it.

We spent 4 days there, and like always, they went by much too fast.  I kind of loved that my cell phone didn’t have service and that there was no computer for me to check my emails on.  Unplugging to the fullest is the best way to experience this place anyway.  We soaked up a lot of sun and swam in the lake and watched 6 kids under 6 run wild….we laughed with family and ate a lot of meat and didn’t wash our hair…..and it was perfect.

Can’t wait to see you again Wisconsin, and to have a certain little boy meet you too :)



  1. Brooke of A Colorful Chaos

    My in-laws took me camping for the first time this summer. It was a similar experience – I had no cell phone reception so I was forced to just unplug from the world! It was very refreshing. Even beyond just disconnecting from work, disconnecting from social media was actually nice. I wasn’t so concerned with capturing a great moment to share with everyone else; all that I had to be concerned with was making great moments for myself.

  2. Christina

    Love these! Although we aren’t headed to MN this summer to soak up the lakes and the down time, I too can’t wait to bring our little guy there next summer. My best friend has been pushing for a cabin rental on Madeline Island, have you been there?

    • kelli

      No, I’ve never heard of it!? But I feel like no matter where you are in Wisconsin, you can’t go wrong with a cabin on a lake. ! It’s really the best vaca.

  3. constanze linnea

    this looks so beautiful! “unplugged” days are the best ones.

    may i ask which preset pack of vsco for lightroom you use? i want to buy one and love the shades and colours of your photos.
    thank you so much!


  4. Jen C

    I’ve never been to WI but your pics from there always make me want to go. It looks so peaceful & like the perfect place to spend some down time, especially during a somewhat difficult pregnancy (hope you’re feeling better BTW). Those pictures of Sam and Riley are just precious. It will be oh so sweet to see pictures of Sam & Cru soon too. Dads with their kids….swoon!! And the bikini bump pic – I love it!!

    Glad you guys had a great time.

  5. Ana

    I live in Missouri with a roommate from Wisconsin!! I had never even thought of wanting to go there, but after hearing all about it from her, it’s quickly rising on my list of places to visit.
    Love your baby bump bikini photo – So nice to see pregnancy with grace and confidence in a “real life” setting.

  6. Kasidy

    Beautiful photos! I’ve never thought of traveling to Wisconsin but you are making me want to!
    Where is your kimono from? It is really cute!

  7. mariana

    Definitely Northwoods Wisconsin looks like an amazing place for relaxing and good memories. I love how you explain the trip as a family vacation full of memories and good times. It looks you all had such and amazing time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Leah

    Phelps is about 3 hours north of me! I don’t hear many people talking about the Northwoods very often. Love it. :)

  9. Joy

    Your daughter is just the cutest! I’m go glad you both got a chance to disconnect from the world to enjoy your vacay


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